A few days ago on The View, Whoopi Goldberg said of the American Idol judges, “They all must be deaf this season.”

She might be right. The Top 10 they retained were hardly a Top 10. As stated yesterday, only two – Kree Johnson and Candice Glover, Jr. – deserve to be in the running at all. The other eight can summarily be dismissed and that process commenced Thursday night.

Curtis Finch, Jr. was ousted Thursday and Nicki Minaj said if he went she was going. When it was announced that he was on the bottom of the heap and Devin Velez wasn’t, she did get up and walk toward the exit, but, unfortunately, she came back.

Then came the “save” and Mr. Finch wasn’t. Again Minaj was distraught, but she hung around and one can only imagine what Mr. Velez was thinking.

The reality of this reality show is that the judges have taken center-stage instead of the contestants and that’s too bad. In a new twist, the Top 10 were announced in order (mostly) and that might be interesting if the execs continue on that path. For instance, will this week’s No. 9 be next week’s No. 5? Then everyone will wonder why or they can readily see who benefitted most by getting the eliminated contestant’s votes.

So, for Week 1 of eliminations, the Top 3, in no particularly order were Kree Johnson, Angie Miller and Candice Glover. The others –Nos. 4-10 – were Lazaro Arbos (4), Amber Holcomb (5), Janelle Arthur (6), Burnell Taylor (7), Paul Jolley (8), Devin Velez (9) and Curtis Finch, Jr. (10).

Charlie Askew and Aubrey Cleland were revealed as the Nos. 6 finishers who had a “sing-off” (the winner will be announced next Wednesday) for a spot on the AI Summer Tour.

“What is this I hear about Ms. Nicki Minaj showing up late for a show last night?”
Whoopi said on Thursday.  And so it goes as the judges get the notice and not the kids. Maybe Ms. Goldberg is right, maybe Ms. Minaj is deaf to instructions and didn’t hear what time she was  scheduled to be on the set. Or maybe she has selective hearing.



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