This week’s twin shows have the possibility of being two of the most entertaining in recent memory.

First, for better or worse we get to hear the Top 10 finialists sing the songs of
other past American Idols. Believe it or not there will be some decent tunes
for them to pick from.

Then the 6th place girl will face-off against the 6th place boy and the viewing audience will pick one who will get to join the AI Summer Tour. That winner will get the exposure that a 45- or 50-date tour will give him/her plus somewhere in the neighborhood of a $75,000-$100,000 paycheck.

All that will happen on Wednesday.

On Thursday night we will learn the good news (the winner of the “singoff”) and
the bad news (which one of the Top 10 will be the first to be eliminated). And then will come the best news – guest performances by Bon Jovi who will sing “Because We Can” and last year’s AI winner Philllip Phillips who will do “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

So, who will go first? Before we even hear them sing the guess is one of the following three: Lazaro Arbos, Amber Holcomb or Paul Jolley.

Last week’s announcements of the Top 10 apparently left some awkward moments with the live audience. It was the first time in the history of the show that there were
segments of the show that they couldn’t see or hear as Ryan Seacrest ran backstage to grab another winner. The entire scenario was silly and indeed awkward for the live audience, for the viewing audience atg home and for the contestants.


In the 6th v 6th faceoff the guess here is Elijah Liu vs. Breanna Steer and Steer wins.