Before I give you my Top 10 finalists, an early footnote:

Is AI really going to follow-through with 5 females and 5 males? How unfair is that? Odds say it’s not really going to be an even split …. So, the contestants are getting the shaft cause someone deserving is being left off the list for a decent payday on the Summer Tour and a shot at the title; and the viewers are finding their votes don’t really count (example: 6th place girl gets more votes than the fifth place boy, but she goes home!) …. Hopefully, they have a different plan in place Thursday night after they leave Vegas and head back to Hollywood. Afterall, Randy Jackson has hinted at a “wild card.”

Wednesday night’s predicted results from the boys:

IN: Curtis Finch, Jr., Burnell Taylor, Elijah Liu and Lazaro Arbus.

OUT: Charlie Askew (more on him in another post), Devin Velez and Vincent Powell.

ON THE BUBBLE: Nick Boddington, Paul Jolley and Cortez Shaw.

Here is a final prediction the ultimate Top 10:

Curtis Finch, Jr., Burnell Taylr, Elijah Liu, Lazaro Arbus, Nick Boddington, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller and Janelle Arthur.

Predicted final 3: Finch, Glover, Harrison.