Unless I am missing something, I still don’t think we know which way this voting procedure in going.

The logical move is to let the Top 10 boys perform on Wednesday night like the girls did on Tuesday and then take the Top 10 overall vote-getters to be the finalists and announce them on Thursday’s 90-minute show.  But is that what is going to happen? Who knows?

It actually sounds like they might take the Top 5 out of each group (wrong!) or as Randy Jackson alluded to on Tuesday there might be a “wild card” in the mix (Oh those crafty AI producers!)

At any rate, here’s an opinion on who is IN, who is OUT and who is ON THE BUBBLE after Tuesday’s performances:


Candice Glover

Kree Harrison

Amber Holcomb

Angie Miller


Adriana Latonio

Zoanette Johnson

Aubrey Cleland


Breanna Steer

Janelle Arthur

Tenna Torres