Five more in, five more out, a few more mistakes.

It’s fairly obvious that American Idol Season 12 is becoming more and more less a singing competition and more and more a popularity (?) endeavor..

Here’s who moved forward Wednesday night when 10 girls hit the stage with a ranking on a 1-to-10 scale in terms of ability: Zoanette Johnson (3); Aubrey Cleland (6.5), Candice Glover (6), Breanne Steer (7.5) and Janelle Arthur (5).

And here is who went home: Melinda Ademi (4), Juliana Chahayed (3), Cristabel Clack (5), Jett Hermano (6) and Rachel Hale (7).

It’s only one opinion, but Hermano and Hale should have replaced Johnson and Arthur on the two lists.

Johnson is now the poster child for what this competition has become. As one blogger called her effort, “it’s a hot mess.” About as apt a description as there can be for her singing (?) of the “Circle of Life” Wednesday night, an effort that placed her in the Top 20.

Thursday night we get the final boys group of 10. The astute judging panel will whittle away five more and we will reach the Top (?) 20.