Siobhan Magnus is a perfect example of what happens to a vast
majority of the Top 10 finishers on American Idol who fall into the Nos. 3-10

They take their 15-minutes of fame, the bucks they earned doing
the AI Summer Tour after the show’s end, cut an all-too-soon record that
fizzles and wonder about trying to determine “what kind of an artist do I want
to be.”

If you have been a fan, occasional or otherwise, you will remember
Magneus as the quirky 6th place finisher on Season 9. Her trademark?
An incredible ability to hold a high note and over-the-top interpretations of
“Paint It Black”, “House of The Rising Sun” and “Spiderwebs.”

But where did it get her? Got her a recording (“Beatrice Dream”)
which didn’t go over all that well and a gig as the singer of the group Lunar Valve
back in her Boston-area stomping grounds.

Well, that band has already faded away and Magnus recently
announced she has joined a new group – Doubtful Guest – as its lead singer. The
band will focus on 90s Rock Rebooted as they put it. The band members, in
addition to Magnus, include Tony Fredianell, a former guitarist with Third Eye
Blind; Sammy Hudson, who played bass with Everclear; and former Candlebox
drummer Tommy Stewart.

The plan is to perform 90s hits from their respective former bands
and also other 90s song partly picked by their fans. Will the concept work? We
will find out starting March 27th when they perform for the first
time in Nashville, Tenn.

In the meantime, on Thursday, Magnus will be in Hyannis, Mass.
where she will release her version of the late Patti Page’s “Old Cape Cod” as a
commemorative vinyl 45rpm record.