This is just a hunch, but more than likely it’s spot on.

Somewhere Thursday night, let’s say Kansas, an elderly couple about to retire is flipping around the television dial one last time before
retiring for the night. Ethel’s in the kitchen getting a cup of tea, Harvey is at the helm with the remote control.

Ethel returns to the living room and proclaims, “Harvey, what on earth are you watching?”

“Well, is supposed to be some sort of singing competition called American Idol,” he answered.

“Then why is there a gentleman dressed as a woman rolling about on the floor?” Ethel wondered.

He couldn’t answer.

A little later on when another contestant appeared with a golf club and then did was sorta singing to the tune of “Rocket Man” she was astonished again. “Why did that young gentleman shake so with nerves and just why did he fall to his knees when the song ended?”

It was the second night of four 2-hour shows when 10 of the Top 40 finalists perform and 5 of those 10 are sent packing. On the outside, maybe two of the five the judges retained are worthy of Top 20 consideration. But the egregious part was the fact that the five they sliced and diced made it to the top 40. What were they thinking to advance Jimmy Smith, Kevin Harris, Chris Watson, Johnny Keyser and most of all JDA (yes, it was he who was dressed like a female and attempting to sing “Rumor Has It.”)?

Here are one man’s rankings (on a scale of 1-10) on the night: 1- Devin Velez, 6.5; 2- Curtis Finch, 6; 3- Paul Jolley, 5.5; 4- Elijah Liu, 5; 5-
Charlie Askew (and his golf club), 4.5; 6- Kevin Harris, 4; 7- Jimmy Smith and Johnny Keyser, 3; 9- Chris Watson, 2.5; 10- JDA, 0.0.

The judges – Randy, Mariah, Keith and Nicki – also fell to the level of the competition as they say in the sports world ,… Nicki, as usual,
the lowest.

Here are some f the things she said:

She called Keyser “sexy” and asked him about his single status…

She said JDA should “work it”, called him “Miss Lady” and he
responded that he was “doing it for the gays.”

To Chris she said: “You are the prettiest man I’ve ever seen in my
life. I want to marry your vibrato.”

For Elijah: “You are a super-duper star. Your face and voice are
market-place. I want to have your babies.:

To Charlie: “I want to cradle you in my arms. You remind me of my
little brother.”

Next Wednesday and Thursday we’ll try to all over again.
Good-night Ethel and Harvey.