It just seemed a little disjointed. Ten girls came out and sang for the first 95 minutes of a 120-minute (60 minutes too long) show and then five were retained and five were dismissed (there are now 35 left in the competition). It took the four judges 25 minutes to do what they could have and should have done in five … get rid of the five obvious ones.

At any rate, don’t know that we saw the winner Wednesday night (maybe), but here are some lists to mull over…

–  First we shall rank the judges:  1- Keith Urban: far and away quite possibly the best judge ever on the show (yes, even better than Simon cause he isn’t promoting himself);  2- Randy Jackson: seriously, dawg, he knows what he is talking about he just doesn’t quite say it right cause he’s trying to be way too hip for the target audience;  3-Ncki Minaj: sometimes she is right on the mark although she tries to steal from whatever KU had to say; 4-Mariah Carey: easy on the eyes but way too vanilla and quite frankly it would be more interesting to hear her open the comments rather than end them.

–  Now we shall rank the 10 contestants from Wednesday on a scale of 1-to-10 with 10 being the tops: 1- Kree Harrison 7.5; 2- Adriana Latonio 7.25; 3- Angela Miller and Amber Holcomb (tie) 7; 5- Tenna Torres 6.5; 6- Isabelle 5.0; 7- Shubba Vedula 4,5; 8- Brandy Hotard 4; 9- Jenny Beth Willis and Kamaria Ousley (tie) 3,

–  Of the top 5, the top 3 who have a chance to win it all: 1- Kree; 2- Amber; 3- Adriana. The winner is the only one you will have the faintest idea of remembering anyway…the top 10 finialists are sketchy at best and usually forgotten quickly.

–  Some likes and dislikes: Liked the fact that all 10 got to sing at some length; disliked the 2-hour show length (90 minutes would have been better); Liked the quick announcement of whether each
contestant moved on or went home; disliked the cheesy final two with the obligatory hugging and goodbye scene;  Liked shot of supporters in the audience high-fiving after a particularly good performance; disliked shots of Jimmy sitting in the audience with his baseball cap on backward; Liked the band; disliked just about all the clothes worn by the contestants and that is coming from someone who dresses much like Kree on a daily basis.

Thursday night it’s on 10 boys and we shall see if anything changes, for better or worse.