Much of what you see on American Idol did indeed happen, it’s just that, well…

Like now, the three-pronged “Hollywood” rounds. They aren’t held in Hollywood. Actually they were taped in Northridge, Ca. at the Valley Performance Arts Center. A far cry from Hollywood.

And were the contestants jubilant or sobbing Wednesday night? Not even close. What you saw then and what you will see Thursday night (it’s only an hour, thank goodness) actually happened while you were Christmas shopping in mid-December.

What you did see was Californian (San Diego) resident Michael Calderon. It was the first time he has been seen on the show and the second time he has advanced. He received a gold ticket to the Hollywood round after auditioning in Long Beach last summer.

Wednesday night was all boys and for them it was held in three parts: group round (Wednesday), a cappella solos and solos with the band. One of those solo portions will be seen Thursday night.

Hopefully we will be able to pass along more on Calderon (he sang “Hold On, I’m Comin’” with Micha Johnson, Vincent Powell and David Willis all of whom advanced), and let you know how Friday how his performance went on Thursday night.