Wednesday night was a two-fer.We got a two-for-one special in audition
cities, first San Antonio and then Long Beach. Maybe even the AI folks are
getting bored with the whole thing and trying to ramble through the audition
process with some more alacrity than in past seasons.

So, since that seems like such a good idea, we will do the same. Here’s what we will do:

-Contestant, age, hometown

-Did they get a Hollywood gold ticket; music genre; will they make the top 10.

-Then, the occasional snarky comment…

Here goes:


– Vincent Powell, 29, Austin, Texas

Yes; gospel; no

– Derek & David Bacerott, 21 & 24, San Antonio, Texas

No; harmonicas on parade; no comment necessary

– Savannah Votion, 24, San Antonio

Yes; soul; no.

– Ricky Jo Garcia, 16, Alice, Texas

Yes; pop; no

– Cristabel Clack, 29. San Antonio

Yes; spiritual soul (if there is such a thing); no

– Ann Difani, 23, Fayetteville, Ark.

Yes; country; no (“pig sooey!” just thought I’d toss that in there since she’s a huge Razorback fan).

– Victoria Acosta, 20, San Antonio

Yes; pop; no

TIMEOUT: Producers show a montage of bad performances (of course, that is
obligatory) and Nicki said, “There’s always autotune!” Right back at ya, Nicki!

– Papa Peachez, 19, Jackson, Miss.

Yes; pop; no (the judges were joking, right?)

– Sanni M’mairura, 16, Pearland, Texas

Yes; pop; longshot at Top 10 but capable

– Adam Sanders, 19, San Antonio

Yes; soul; very yes (here is what Keith Urban said of his performance: “Absofrickinglutely!” Must be an Aussie word…)

Now we are off to Long Beach (a little closer to home for us) and of course Mariah is stuck in the obligatory L.A. basin traffic jam and Nicki has a prior commitment. She is rehearsing for the AMAs. I wonder if they dock her pay when she doesn’t work?

Shubha Vedula, 17, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.

Yes; soul; no (but … in the office, like an NFL ref does, if someone says something offensive we toss the yellow penalty flag on him/her. Randy gets one here for making fun of her name…)

Brian Martinez, 21, L.A.

No; pop; no (Here is one of the better quotes of the season from Mariah on getting stuck in traffic: “When you want to have a diva, you have to pay the price.”)

– Matt Farmer, 26, Tulsa, Okla.

Yes; soul; no (probably…)

– Stephanie Sanson, 16, L.A.

No; pop; no (Quote of the seaon part 2 from Keith after Sanson flips the judges a double-bird on the way out: “Nicki (who was absent) would have sent her to Hollywood!”

– Jesaiah Baer, 16, Hollister

Yes; pop; slim possibility of making the Top 10

– Micah Johnson, 24, Morrow, Ga.

Yes; soul; a chance

– Rachel Hale, 21, Prescott, Ark.

Yes; country; no

Briana Oakley, 16, Antioch, Ca.

Yes; Christian/soul; no

Matheus Fernandes, 21, hometown ?

Yes; soul; no with a half-star

Just maybe Thursday night will be better….