Well, at least American Idol has one judge for sure with today’s naming of Mariah Carey as a judge.

This from the Associated Press:

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Mariah Carey will join “American Idol” as a  judge next season, Fox announced Monday, bringing her star power to the show  that remains a ratings leader but has seen its viewership and pop culture status  diminish.

“I am so excited to be joining ‘Idol,'” said Carey, addressing the Television  Critics Association via FOX entertainment chief Kevin Reilly’s cell phone, which  he put on speaker for the hotel ballroom meeting.

She couldn’t be on hand with the group because “this kind of all just  happened really quickly,” Carey said in her brief remarks. “I can’t wait to get  started in the fall. …. and I will see you in January.”

The show, which saw judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez exit at the end of  last season, will be back on the air for season 12 in January.

Reilly called Carey “the biggest recording artist that any of these (talent)  shows has ever had,” adding that she was the “artist that many of these  contestants have tried to emulate, have tried some of the songs, have tried to  hit the notes.”

Playing the drama up, Reilly dialed Carey’s number and put her on  speaker.

“Hi Mariah. How are you? It’s Kevin,” he said. “We do have the deal, don’t  we?”

“Yes!” Carey replied.


Conflicting reports on her salary for the seaon are either $12 million or $17 million.

Either way it’s too much.