The following story appeared on today. A little criticism of Wednesday’s results from No. 7 finisher from a year ago – Stefano Langone and No . 3 finisher in Season 5 – Elliot Yamin.

Both can and should express their opinions, but it does appear to be a little odd that they were in the Philippines (second-place finisher Jessica Sanchez background) when they made the comments.

One can only wonder if they had been in Atlanta (winner Phillip Phillips is from Georgia) would they have A) backed PP; or B) not commented at all. We’ll never know now…

MANILA, Philippines- Two former”American Idol” finalists criticized the results of the eleventh
season of the reality singing contest wherein contestant Phillip Phillips emerged champion.

Joining the trending tweet rally backing Filipina-Mexican-American “Idol” runner-up Jessica Sanchez,
former contestants Stefano Langone of season 10, and season five top three finalist Elliot Yamin on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) vented their frustration over the Pinay bet’s loss on micro-blogging site Twitter.

“What a travesty,” Langone said of the results, brought to fruition by a record-breaking 132 million

Langone, who placed seventh in last year’s edition, added that he is not alone in noticing that the show has become a popularity contest, in lieu of results being based on talent.

“Let me clarify — congrats to Phillips! — [but] for the integrity of the show, to me this is a travesty. The
result this year solidifies the reality of idol no longer being a talent show but a popularity contest. Unfortunately, I’m not the first to have noticed,” said Langone, whose “Idol” stint saw the crowning of
country singer Scotty McCreery.

Yamin, meanwhile, echoed Langone’s sentiments, saying Sanchez’s second place finish was a “shame.”

“Missed the ‘Idol’ finale tonight, but it sounds like I didn’t miss much by the sounds of who ‘won.’
Jessica Sanchez is a real singer. I thought this was a singing competition? What a shame,” Yamin tweeted.

The former disc jockey also likened the latest season of “Idol” to politics, implying doubts as to the
results of the show. “‘American Idol’ has become much like politics, in the sense that we as a people get mad at who’s in office, when we are the people who put them there, or are we?”

Although vocal of their frustration over Sanchez’s loss, both Langone and Yamin still congratulated Phillips, who
has been popularly tagged in social networking sites as the fifth consecutive “WGWG” or “white man with a guitar” winner on “Idol.”

“I tip my hat to both Jessica and Phillip. [But I] hoped for a different outcome,” Langone tweeted.

“Look, ‘American Idol’ has been so good to me and gave me a career I’ve always dreamed of, so I’m not ‘biting
the hand that’s fed me,’ and I am in debt with the amount of gratitude I

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have towards them,” Yamin said, adding, “I’m just saying that I don’t get it, that’s all. Hats off to the winner and all the finalists.”