Boys vs. girls Wednesday night.

Boys: Stevie Wonder songs; Girls: Whitney Houston…

Thursday night: After the bottom girl and bottom boy are revealed the judges will then make the choice on who goes…


Joshua Ledet – “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder –

– He stays, no doubt about that … right song for him … only problem is that there is nothing original here, lotsa original Stevie sound here…



Elise Testone- “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by Whitney Houston –

Song was too tough to sing … she tried that’s about all I can say…



Jermaine Jones – “Knocks Me Off My Feet” –

Actually a little better than I thought he would be … might stick around another week … might

Erika Van Pelt -”I Believe in You and Me” –

Smooth voice, kinda

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like her more than I thought I would…

Colton Dixon – “Lately” –

The kid is good … really good …



Shannon Magrane – “I Have Nothing” –

In the top half, doubtful…nervous as the judges said? Yes…



Deandre Brackensick – “Master Blaster” –

No, no, many times no…



Skyler Laine – “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” –

She tried her best but the screamin’ just didn’t cut it for me…



Heejun Han – “All is Fair In Love” –

One of his better efforts … he’ll stick around …



Hollie Cavanaugh – “All The Man That I Need” –

She’s the best of the night … hands down


Jeremy Rosado – “Ribbon in the Sky” –



Jessica Sanchez – “I Will Always Love You” –

Excellent with a difficult song…



Phillip Phillips – “Superstition” –

Good, no problem with this performance…