Hollywood Day 1:

Do the execs of this show really think we are that stupid?

I mean, at the conclusion of the show Symone Black did a header off the stage, everyone looked concerned and then the credits rolled…

Are we to think she was really hurt all that bad? That they are going to come back tonight and say she is in the hospital in satisfactory condition? Of course not.

First: The media would have reported it when it happened.

Second: Even Fox wouldn’t have been so shallow as to pull a stunt when someone was really hurting.

So, hunch is that they took her to the hospital as a precaution, checked her out and she is fine.

Let’s hope that’s the case.

As for the talent level….68 went home after giving it their 30-second best and it probably should have been more of them leaving on a jet plane.

If it seems like the AI execs want a female winner this season … well, you are right.

Thursday night is the group round … not my favorite concept, although it does give us a glimpse as to how well they can work in the studio with other musically talented folks. Probably over the years several really capable artists have been sent packing in this round.