Here is probably all you need to know about the audition show from Portland on Wedneday night – the ratings, compared to the third Wednesday of Season 10, were down 34 percent.

Is the show, at least this early part of it, becoming too, too predictable? I tend to think so. Some good singers, some woeful, some silly storylines, some sob stories and always, always a tearjerker type who gets a Hollywood trip and a gold ticket as the finale.

Maybe it is time for an overhaul.

At any rate, here is what happened in Portland where 42 received gold ducats and that was probably 40 too many…

Brittany “Tripster the Hipster” Zika, 21, Portland, Ore.

She dreamed of singing on stage with Sara Bareilles. And then the segment got worse. She made it through but how. Inquiring minds want to know…

Ben Purdom, 18, Philadelphia

Guy had a cold and kept rubbing his runny nose which was bad enough. Then he sang. Good-bye, Ben, thanks for coming.

Jermaine Jones, 24, Pinehill, N.J.

Unusual barione for this 6-foot-8½ self-styled momma’s boy. Made it through and maybe, just maybe, deserved it.

Britnee Kellogg, 27, Vancouver, Wash.

She’s cute, can actually sing a little and is the mother of twin boys and a single mom who left her basketball playing husband. Entire family trots out and they fill the stage … coulda done without that spectacle…
Sam Gershman, 21, Clarksville, Md.

Sam is over the top even tells us she is Jewish. OK, a lot of folks are. What does that have to do with this audition? They basically tell her she isn’t ready. They are right.
David Weed, 22, Mountain Home, Idaho

He sang something called “Tom Sawyer” by Rush. Sorry, but I never heard it before and if it sounds anything like Mr. Weed’s rendition then I don’t need to hear it again.

Romeo Diahn, 22, Portland, Ore.

He spent years in a Ghana refugee camp so right off the bat you knew he was going to Hollywood. Lots of reggae in this guy and although he’s not so bad, he is very one-dimensional I am guessing.
Naomi Gillies, 22, Boston

She sings “Crying” by Aerosmith and makes it through. Wrong decision by the judges on this one for sure.
Ben Harrison, 28, Eugene, Ore.

Talks about his “baby face.” You almost look at this guy as a plant for the show like one of those guys in the audience on the Letterman Show. Randy asks, “Why?” after Ben left. We concur, Randy.
Jessica Phillips, 25, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jessica’s boyfriend had a stroke so she is trying to make it cause they are in deep trouble now. Heartwarming story, but not unlike others Idol has uncovered over the years.
Of course she got the gold ticket.