The tryouts were held on an aircraft carrior (what else?) so technically I guess we weren’t really in San Diego but somewhere on the Pacific Ocean.
Might have been more interesting (at least for Steven) had they performed during the Over-The-Line tournament (those of you with San Diego roots will understand that).
Unfortunately, I missed this show (even though it was aired on Sunday and Tuesday) since I was still in shock over the 49ers loss to the Giants.
But here are the hopefuls names and word has it none were, shall we say, knockouts:
Jennifer Diley, 19, Columbus, Ohio

Ashley Robles, 26, San Diego

Jayrah Gibson, 26, Long Beach

Aubree Dieckmeyer, 20, San Clemente

Ali Shields, 19, Lodi

Kyle Crews, 19, San Diego

Jane Carrey, 24, Los Angeles (yes, Jimbo’s daughter)

Jason “Wolf” Hamlin


Missed this one too. Cause? Still in a mess over the Niners. But 31 hopefuls did advance although the critics called it a boring show. Why? Lazy judging. I can understand that critique cause you could use it almost after every show …

Here you go with the names of the contestants:

Jenni Schick, 24, Sterling, Va.

Curtis Grey, 28, Spring Hill, Fla.

Richie Law, 19, Centennial, Colo.

Devan Jones, 26, Aurora, Colo.
& Mathenne Trego, 25, Centennial, Colo.

Tealana Hedgespeth, 19, Loveland, Colo.

Haley Smith, 18, Orem, Utah

Alanna Snare, 22, Fort Collins, Colo.

Shelby Tweten, 17, North Mankato, Minn.

Jairon Jackson, 19, Denver

Angie Zeiderman, 25, Delray Beach, Fla.

Magic Cyclops, Davenport, Iowa


OK, I watched this one. Yippee! And a wise choice it was. All and all I thought this might have been one of the more entertaining “audition” shows I’ve seen.
Why? Had it all – good and bad singing, good and bad critiques, some oddballs, not too much on the sappy side and a lot of inter-judging sniping. Good stuff.
The judges sent 54 on to Hollywood and that was a little high, but in the end – Who Cares?
Phong Vu, 25, Houston
Vu received a lot of air-time, but he was worthy. I mean anyone who says: “Today my spirit will come alive. I will make you shock and wow and OOOO.” He’s worthy of a replay if you recorded this episode for any reason.

Skylar Laine, 17, Brandon, Miss.

She likes to go 4-wheelin’ and huntin’ and at one point in her backstory says, “It’s time to get changed and go kill a deer.”
They put her through to Hollywood but she really wasn’t that impressive. Ready, aim, …

Baylie Brown, 21, Nashville, Tenn.

She made it to Hollywood in Season 6 and will probably go a little further this time around.

Kristine Osorio, 28, Amarillo, Texas
Newly single mom of three gets through to Hollywood but it certainly wasn’t deserved. Her voice was rather … unpleasant.

Reagan Wilson, 23, New Braunfels, Texas
Cheyenne James, 17, Conroe, Texas
Linda Williams, 24, League City, Texas

JayLo disagrees with Randy and Steven on this trio and she was so right. Were Randy and Steven serious, seriously?
Alejandro Cazares, 26, Houston

“Grant me the power to bring the revolution! A world where the underdog wins once in awhile. A world where people like Lady Gaga become platinum sellers. A world where a man like Barack Obama can become president.”
He was humorous for awhile, but his shtick wore off quickly.

Cortez Shaw, 20, Garland, Texas

Grew up in a single parent household, was homeless for awhile, not that good but they gave him a pass.

Ramiro Garcia, 28, Houston
Guy was born with … no ears! Singing isn’t Idol worthy but they just couldn’t say no to this backstory … could they?