OK, OK, I’m 64, I’m a Baby Boomer, I was a teenager of the ’60s and call me a prude if you like but Lady Gaga’s performance on the American Idol finale Wednesday was inappropriate.

The song “Edge of Glory” is better than average and if Gaga simply sang it, now that would be one thing. But to stand on top of some giant rock formation and then perform a simulated sex act with dancer Mark Kanemura and then to take a leap off the rocks with Mark (did that simulate a suicide pact?) … well, call me a Misunderstood 2011 Pop Culture Senior Citizen and so be it.

Oh, she can sing, and she can make money and she can send out messages, but let’s be honest here, does she have a clue?

Gaga and American Idol know the audience for their show and it isn’t all old fuddy-duddies like myself. Lotsa young kids watch the show.

Gaga can do what she pleases during her concerts where you pay to see it. But on national TV?

And did AI know what they were getting into Wednesday night? Of course.

And did Gaga know that impressionable kids watch the show? Of course she did.

Shame on Gaga. And shame on American Idol.