Not a surprise at all. Jacob Lusk hit the road on Thursday night and then sang, more like tried to sing, “A House Is Not A Home” on the way out the door.

So, thanks for coming, Jacob, and have a nice career at …?

Now we have a Final Four. So, let’s a little “what iffffing…”

Like “what if” we have this finale or that one, who will win? Here goes…

Scotty vs. James – close but Scotty

Scotty vs. Haley – Scotty

Scotty vs. Lauren – Scotty

James vs. Haley – James

James vs. Lauren – Lauren

Lauren vs. Haley – Oh, my…but right now it would be Haley

Right now it loooks like the cougars are gonna win and it’s gonna be Scotty vs. James in the finale.