Started with 125,000 and now down to six. But is this 6-pack really the best six out of that 125,000?


All songs are those of Carole King.

She probably wrote more songs than we realize. And, maybe, just maybe, she is one of the most underrated singer/song writers ever.

But that’s Carole King, This is American Idol!

So, here we go…and tonight they go solo and in duets…You can see how I rank them after tonight at the bottom of this post:

Jacob Lusk –

“Oh No Not My Baby”

Good song choice but the scat and the screamin’ I could do without. And the plaid outfit and yellow shirt were a big distracting. Made him look more like a clown than a serious artist.

Steven: “It was time you shook your tailfeathers! That was beautiful, man. We know you can sing, but can you strut like that? That’s the magic.”

Jlo: “That was a tricky song. There were little spaces where it wasn’t perfect. You bring everyone home at the end. You killed it.”

Randy: “What I loved that you did this week, you brought it back, scatting was incredible, You are here cause you are a great singer.”


Lauren Alaina –

“Where You Lead, I Will Follow”

Miley Cyrus helps mentor her. I don’t think the surprise worked like the Idol folks thought it might.

Don’t know what it was but the song didn’t work. First, I think it was the wrong song for her to begin with; then it wasn’t a great version; and finally bringing the kid on stage was funky at best.

Who was he? Real corny.

And, oh, the earrings were out of control.

The kid, as Ryan found out for us later, was Brett and he is 19. Lauren is 16. OK. Whatever.

Jlo: “I’m so proud of you right now. I felt you pushing. Those barriers are hard to break.”

Randy: “You came out here with a little bit of swagger. Time to come out here and throw down the gauntlet. The song was safe and boring, but you came out with a vengence. We’re looking for someone who is ready to win this and is going hard for it.”

Steven: “I saw you shine tonight when your voice broke.”


Casey Abrams & Haley Reinhart –

“I Feel the Earth Move”

Other than filling time for this 90-minute slot, I don’t quite get the duet thing. What does it prove? Not much in my eyes.

Their voices mesh… somewhat. But there is little original until the end. Had it been more like the last 45 seconds it would have worked very well, but it wasn’t.

Steven: “Hey, weird beard? How much in love with Haley are you? That was really good. It’s really gotta matter what you guys do now. There wasn’t anything about that that that I didn’t like.”


Scotty McCreery –

“You’ve Got a Friend”

This is definitely not country Scotty. Eventually, he had to do this. I mean the twang was still there. That isn’t going away. But I do think this effort proved he really can sing in another style. And the version was very well changed-up.

Randy: “You turned the other cheek from last week. The beginning of that was flawless. Excellent job. When you hit those high notes, don’t fall off them the way you do. Just gentle let them fall down.”

Steven: “I don’t think you’ve ever sang better. You took us somewhere else. You still had that country thing.”

Jlo: “You’re getting much better at reaching in the higher register in your voice. In the beginning you wouldn’t go there at all. You told that story beautifully.”


James Durbin –

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”

First of all, I really, really like the song. Brings back memories of the ’60s. and not only was it the perfect song for him, but he did it justice by elminating the marching bands and flaming pianos. He really nailed it. That was his signature song for the season. Amazing.

Steven: “You hear that? You got ’em good. I really liked the beginning of that. It was so beautiful. The rock part grew on me. That’s the first song that I ever made out with a girl to. I was in a bowling alley and I didn’t strike out.”

Jlo: “I thought it was magical. You had me moving up here. You are going to be the star of the night. Amazing.”

Randy: “Who is in this to win it? Tonight, you weren’t just a great rock singer, tonight you proved you were a great singer. This guy just might win the whole thing.”


Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina –

“Up on the Roof”

Not likin’ the beginning of this at all. Not likin’ the middle any better … or the ending.

JLo: “Lauren you sing your…brains off. It’s a real talent to sing second voice behind somebody. You did a real good job Scotty.”


Casey Abrams –

“Heidi Ho”

Love his unique interpretation of any song, especially this one, but where and how does it resonant with a tween voter? I just don’t know and I don’t think it will.

Randy: “It’s like the song was written for you. It took me back to New Orleans, where I’m from, my home state. I’m excited every time you’re up there.”

Steven: “You definitely found your niche. It’s the best mother…loving show I’ve seen. You made my scalp itch, it’s so good. You were definitely in your element up there.”

JLo: “I’d like to see you loosen up a little bit in your body.”

Randy: “Less growl.”


Haley Reinhart –


After fixing an earpiece problem … Unfamiliar with the song, but her interpretation was decent. Thought she coulda picked a better song. Didn’t really show off her unique voice. But the effort should be enough to keep her around.

Steven: “I just saw God. You just nailed it just now.”

Jlo: “Beautiful. You have one of the best voices in this competition.”

Randy: I didn’t love the beginning, but I loved the end. The end is where I got a little more excited.”


Jacob and James –

“I’m into Something Good”


Steven: “You guys were having fun. Man, where were you going with all that.”


IdolChatter rankings:

1. James

2. Scotty

3. Haley

4. Casey

5. Jacob

6. Lauren