The American Idol Top 8 sing songs from the movies tonight. This is your live blog. Stay tuned for recap and videos!

Ryan Seacrest congratulates Jennifer Lopez for being named the world’s most beautiful woman by People magazine.

People you certainly are right about that.

The Top 8 are singing songs from the movies tonight.

Paul McDonald – “Old Time Rock n Roll” by Bob Seeger – Risky Business –

He wanted to leave America happy after they heard this song. Did he? Maybe. He has the stage presence that Pia lacked. Works the stage with a blonde female sax player. Worthy touch. But will going first hurt him? Probably.

Steven: “I love your crazy wild abandon, how it transcends to an audience.”

Jennifer: “Every time you come out here, you’re going a little bit further, a little bit further. It’s great to watch.”

Randy: “America you just witnessed the first number at the Paul McDonald concert. I love it. You are definitely an artist.”

Lauren Alaina – “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus –

Jimmy tells Lauren she’s a much, much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus and that she has to grab Pia’s votes. Very good and she didn’t fall down the steps in the beginning. And, actually, Jimmy is right, it’s better than Miley. Standing O and deservedly so.

Jennifer: “I loved hearing you sing that, the tear in your voice. You sang it so beautifully, you don’t need to steal anyone’s votes you’re getting plenty of your own.”

Randy: “The Lauren we saw in Nashville is roaring back. That song sounds like it was written for you. Amazing job.”

Steven: “I love what you bring to a song, and what a song brings to you. How you own it. It’s just beautiful. You move me beyond tears.”

Stefano Langone – “End of the Road” by Boys II Men from Boomerang –

He said he was at peace being in the Bottom 3 last week. He wanted to connect with the audience, to start new and start fresh. If he doesn’t’ get the “tween” vote with this effort he never will. Honestly, I’ll be shocked if he’s in the Bottom 3 this week.

Solid job, good effort on the big note. He should stick around another week.

Randy: “Dude! You made the right move at the right time. Best vocal on this stage to date. In it to win it!”

Steven: “You know how to milk a song. That Stefano the American public was looking for was there tonight. This is so not the end of the road for you.”

Jennifer: “You got it. It’s about being a great performer. You did it. You did it tonight.”

Scotty McCreery – “Cross My Heart” by George Strait – Pure Country

Scotty was going to sing “Everybody’s Talking” by Nilsson then he changed to George Strait. He did his usual solid job with the Strait song, but like Jimmy I would have preferred hearing him sing Nilsson’s song and frankly I think he would have nailed it even better than this one.

Steven: “Scotty I just love your voice. I think all of America has fallen in love with your voice. You did it again. You’re good.”

Jennifer: “Everybody wants us to be tough with you guys, but you guys are so damn good. I just want to say is wow. Was it my fav song choice? No. But you sang it beautifully.”

Randy: “I love that George Strait song. If it ain’t broke don’t even consider fixing it. A star is born on this stage. You’ve grown so greatly since we picked you. I’m a huge ginormous fan.”

Casey Abrams – “Nature Boy” by Nat King Cole –

Casey bucks Jimmy who wanted him to do “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

I loved it but I can’t imagne it resonating with the Idol audience and the tween voters. Face it, he was singing a song by the greatest singer of all time so how could he go wrong. I applaud Casey for the choice and the effort. But he might be gone come tomorrow.

Jennifer: “I gotta say, at the beginning I was nervous. I hope America got that because that’s what you do.”

Randy: “We have a real true artist on the show. We’ve never had anyone exactly like you ever. It’s about embracing who you are. I can see you making an extended Buble kind of record. These records do sell. Absolutely, genius.”

Steven: “You are an artist in the truest sense of the world. You do what’s in your heart. You believed what was in your heart. That’s the truest sense of the word artist. You are so good man.”

Haley Rienhart – “Call Me” by Blondie from American Gigilo –

Two girls left. Will Haley help to keep it that way? With this effort I would say simply – maybe. The middle was kind of a downer. The beginning and the end were OK. Not her best effort.

Randy: “I didn’t love the beginning of it, it sounded very karaoke to me. It wasn’t a showcase for your voice for me.”

Steven: “I agree, but when you nail chorus. You sang it heavy you sang it great.”

Jennifer: “I love when you started wailing, and I kind of agree with Randy, but I’m afraid to say anything negative about any of the girls cause I don’t want to lose any of the girls! It wasn’t the best.”

Jacob Lusk – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – The Pursuit of Happiness –

Jimmy scolds him for lecturing America last week. Atta boy Jimmy.

Thought this song was perfect for Jacob. It was he was pitchy. You’ve heard that before, right? He could have and should have done this so much better. He’s in no danger of going anywhere on Thursday, but, and we’ll never know, he won’t be in the Top 5.

Steven: “It’s astounding how angelic you sing and where you get that from. Incredible. God bless you man and your voice.”

Jennifer: “Who does that? You are such a gifted vocalist. It comes from another place. You pulled the chills out of me.”

Randy: “I listen to every word. I believe you. I love that you took your time with this. It was perfect. Great job. Congrats.”

James Durbin – Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar from Heavy Metal –

Jimmy hated it.

James: “This is what I’m doing. I know what’s best for myself as an artist with no disrespect to either of you.” He basically is telling Jimmy to stick his opinion. And then sticks up for James as an artist.

He wants to give “metal” a chance. Entertaining if you like heavy metal … guess what, I don’t…

Jennifer: “That felt really, really real. I loved that. They are killing it dead. That was crazy in here tonight.”

Randy: “You guys were just at a James Durbin concert. I’m happy you stuck to your guns. Tonight you did you. Durbin rocks!”

Steven: “Outstanding Durbin.”