And I thought that Iggy Pop was the shocker of the night.

Putting it down and dirty….

Bottom 3: Stefano Langone, Pia Toscano and Jacob Lusk.

Jacob was safe and sent back to the couch.

Then to the surprise of the audience, the judges and everyone except Ryan Seacrest (cause he already knew), Stefano was ruled safe and Pia was shown the door.

The big question – how? How did she lose this one this early? Granted she probably wouldn’t have won the whole thing, but then again…

There really is only one answer – her personality just didn’t resonant with viewers. She didn’t have the stage presence of others (Paul comes to mind), but she was the most “natural” singer of the bunch.

Which brings us to that personalty. Here is one man’s perception – she came across as the high school girl who not only wouldn’t go out on a date with you, but she wouldn’t even talk to you unless you were the quarterback on the football team. A lot of folks must have had similar viewpoints and thought, “Nope, not gettin’ my vote!”

Maybe she is simply shy, or star-struck, or just a singer and that’s that. Whatever it was, she didn’t strike a chord with the voters this week and now she’ll have to become one of those “Idols who didn’t win but made it big anyway” types.

So, in case you have forgotten, in addition to Jacob and Stephano here are the remaining contestants – 2 girls and 6 guys left standing:

Lauren Alaina
Casey Abrams
Scotty McCreery
Paul McDonald
James Durbin
Haley Reinhart