So who goes home Thursday night? Let’s look at what they did in this post first…

Naima Adedapo – 1984 – “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner –

Off-pitch, a little boring. Not a big fan to begin with actually. Although it wasn’t one of her worst efforts, it still wasn’t all that good. She has to go eventually so why not this week?

Steven: “You got a sorcerers grasp of melody girl. I just loved it.”

Jennifer: “You bring your specific flavor to everything I love that. I gave you a pass on your pitchiness last week. Now I’m seeing that you are consistently pitchy. You need to work on that.”

Randy: “You’re still always under the pitch. I watched last week and it wasn’t good. The vocals were all over the place.”

Naima said that she understood the criticism … that’s good, now can she do something about it, given the chance next week…”I feel it too much sometimes.”

Paul McDonald – 1984 – “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” by Elton John –

Still like this guy’s voice in a way but his movements on stage are distracting from that voice. It’s unique I’ll say that for him. The version he is trying just isn’t working. He seems like he is bored.

Jennifer: “I feel you. You were struggling up there. You have so much soul and star quality you overcame that.”

Randy: “I differ with Jennifer a little bit…some of the notes were very pitchy. The thing about you I really like…you’re like Ray Montagne, you make the song your own. Get the notes right.”

Steven: “You define a cool dude in a loose mood. Your swagger is way cool. You’re….very distinctive. You listen to a record and you know who that is…that’s what you are turning into.”

Thia Megia – 1995 – “Colors of the Wind” by Vanessa Williams –

The song choice may not win the show, but the voice is gonna get her some work. She needs to change up sooner or later, but it better be sooner.

Randy: “I think the vocals were OK. This was very boring, I thought I was at some pageant somewhere. Dig a little deeper. Take some chances.”

Steven: “Is that song who you think you are?”

Jennifer: “When we first saw you, we loved the quality and tone of your voice. It’s a little safe. I hear nervousness in your vibrato. Push out of

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the box.”

James Durbin – “I’ll Be There for You” by Bon Jovi –

Kate Hudson in the audience. OK, big deal. The tail has returned.

Singing with a guitarist on stage. Knows how to work the stage and the audience. Tones it in again … thank goodness. Told Steven he was saving Aerosmith for the finale and Steven said OK he would sing with him. And they shook hands on it.

Steven: “What was up with the dolls (in the video)? I got left over sandwiches older than that. Don’t get too poppy than me. That man has a rich vein of inner crazy.”

Jennifer: “Every time you get up there I love it.”

Randy: “Listen man, there were a couple of pitch spots, but what you do always, is find a way to make it your own. Very tastefully done.”

Haley Reinhart – 1990 – “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by Whitney Houston –

Her parents are performers. For starters too much lipstick. Unique voice, but I don’t like the arrangement although she gets some props for making it different. No way will she win this thing. Lipstick everywhere as Ryan helps her wipe it off. Embarrassing.

Jennifer: “When I see you performing up there, I see this amazing voice. I see that you’re still a little bit tense in your body. Don’t force anything. That’s going to look better than trying to perform.”

Randy: “I’m a little confused here. I’m not sure you’re sure who you are. You’ve got to find that out. It wasn’t a great performance.”

Steven: “That was sweet and tough. The first time I heard you I heard your Janis Joplin voice and I’ve been waiting for that. Dig into the blues a little more.”

Stefano Langone – 1989 – If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by Simply Red –

Soulful. Really soulful. His best performance so far. He is peaking at the right time, that’s for sure. Melvin and the Blue Notes original…don’t forget them please.

Randy: “The best performance of the night so far. He took a song with the highest degree of difficulty and slayed it.”

Steven: “Great phrasing…over the top…Beautiful.”

Jennifer: “You could take this thing.”

Pia Toscano – 1988 – “Where do Broken Hearts Go” by Whitney Houston –

Song choice different for sure. Did she make it work for her? Sorta. She has an amazing voice, but she is screaming too much in this one for me..

Steven: “You are why this show is called American Idol. You nailed it.”

Jennifer: “I was so glad to hear you go up-tempo. It was perfect for you.”

Randy: “Every week you bring amazing vocals. Pia is in it to win this competition.”

Scotty McCreery – 1995 – “Can I Trust You With My Heart” by Travis Tritt –

Elvis impersonator! Scotty just looks like he’d be fun to be around.

Me and Elvis were tight back in the day, Scotty quipped.

Stay country, stay me, but just push myself, he added.

Pretty incredible performance tonight.

Jennifer: “You pushed it out a little more there at the end.”

Jennifer thinks he was better in rehearsal. Keep growing keep learning.”

Randy: “I’m so glad you sang a song by one of my friends (Tritt). You know who you are. Sing bigger, longer, higher notes.”

Steven: “Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going to go places.”

Karen Rodriguez – 1989 – “Love Will Lead You Back” by Taylor Dayne –

What’s up with the clothes, the hair, the boots? And, oh, yes, the earrings.

She has gone too far anyway. Song choice? Yawn. She needs to be on the next plane out of town.S

Karen can sing, but it’s definitely karaoke and again I don’t like the English/Spanish split thing.

Randy: Definitely better than last week. I’m not jumping up and down, but welcome back.”

Steven: “I like your ethnic whatitisness…”

Jennifer: “I could tell you were a little scared, but you attacked it. That’s what you have to do. If you are nervous about certain notes, don’t go there. Perform that song from your heart.”

Casey Abrams – 1991 – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana –

I like taking risks, he said. I am not a Nirvana fan but Casey did the song Nutso good.

Steven: “You’re so crazy and you’re so talented. That’s the goop great stuff is made of.”

Jennifer: “That’s some big shoes to fill with that song. There were parts that got a little screechy screamy. I wish it would have been more pleasant.”

Randy: “What I love about you…you love taking risks. You put art first and then think about commerce. Not your best performance, but I like that you’re fearless.”

Lauren Alaina – 1994 – “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Etheridge –

She’s sick with the flu. Real southern, no doubt from the clips with her folks.

Much better than last week, but she’s lost some of her confidence. She’s nervous. Some off-key parts, but solid.

Jennifer: “Very nice. That’s staying true to the framework of the song, but making it your own.”

Randy: “That was very nice. Have a cold every week. I liked it.”

Steven: “You did it again. You’re a shining star.”

Jacob Lusk – 1987 – “Alone” by Heart –

Is he oversinging? Yep. What has happened to this guy? He’s a gospel singer trying to be something else and it isn’t working. Tried a little Lambert in this one and it just didn’t work for me.

Randy: “Very very nice performance. Jacob is in it to win it.”

Steven: “Your momma gave you the moxie to be who you are.”

Jennifer: “You give yourself completely to every performance. It’s an amazing thing to watch.”