Now here is the way it went down … 40 million votes later:



Scotty McCreary – 17 – Garner, N.C.

Casey Abrams – 20 – Wilmette, Ill

James Durbin – 22 – Santa Cruz

Jacob Lusk – 23 – Compton, Ca.

Paul McDonald – 26 – Huntville, Ala.


Robbie Rosen – 17 – New York

Jovany Barreto – 23 – Harvey, La.

Stefano Langone – 21 – Kent, Wash.

Brett Loewenstern – 17 – Boca Raton, Fla.

Jordan Dorsey – 21 – Laplace, La.

Clint Jun Gamboa – 26 – Long Beach, Ca.

Tim Halperin – 23 – Omaha, Neb.




Lauren Alaina – 16 – Rossville, Ga

Thia Megia – 16 – Hayward, Ca.

Pia Toscano – 22 – Howard Beach, N.Y.

Hailey Reinhart – 20 – Wheeling, Ill.

Karen Rodriguez – 21 – New York, N.Y.


Naima Adedapo – 26 – Milwaukee, Wis.

Ashthon Jones – 24 – Valdosta, Ga.

Tatynisa Wilson – 20 – Shreveport, La.

Rachel Zevita – 20 – New York, N.Y.

Julie Zorrilla – 23 – Denver, Colo.

Kendra Chantelle – 22 – Loudon, Tenn.

Lauren Turner – 24 – Covington, La.


And here is what happened afterward:

Tatanisa, Julie, Lauren T, Rachel, Brett, Tim, and  Clint are OUT without singing again.

Wildcards are next…

 The judges will select some to sing again.

 They can sing anything from the competition so far.

The judges will choose three boys and three girls.


Ashthon Jones sings again! “And I Am Telling You” –

 “I’m not going,” she said.

 Stage presence, A; voice OK; give her a C-plus.

 Steven said: “I thought you brought it like you brought it before.”

 Jennifer said:  “You deserve to be here. I felt your passion.”

Randy said: ” I love the attitude.”


Stefano Langone sings “I Need You Now” –

He just has a surprisingly good voice. Looking at him you wouldn’t think he has the voice. Didn’t like the song, but he sang it very well. Deserves to be in the Top 13.

“Loved that you picked that song and you did it justice.” – Randy said.

“There’s no way to not get it right with this group of kids. You did really well,” said Jennifer.

 “You gilded the Lilly of your own passion,” said Steven.


Kendra Chantelle sings – “Georgia on my Mind”

She was very good on Wednesday. Not so tonight. For some reason she just sounded off. She needed to come with an attitude and she failed to do that. Too bad.

“Dude you rock it at the end. Very nice,” said Randy.


Jovany Barreto sings – “Angel” –

He sings in Spanish and English. Not a fan of  that tactic. Bad that he didn’t pick another song. Say goodbye Jovany.

“You did a good job baby. You did all you could do.” – Jennifer said.


Naima Adedapo sings  –  “For All We Know” –

She really is old-school and although she has a good voice she probably won’t go far cause the vast majority of voters aren’t of the old-school genre. But after this performance she deserves to be in the Top 13. In fact, if she would tone it down some and switch to more modern songs she could sneak into the Top 10.

Steven said, “You came from way deep down inside again. You brought it to me, thank you.”


Robbie Rosen sings  – “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” –

He gets a chance but falls incredibly flat. Where did this kid go wrong? His star flamed out faster than anyone in the history of the show I think.

“Very nice, very tender. The Robbie we fell in love with is back.” – Randy said.


So here is the final rundown:


Robbie Rosen

Clint Gamboa

Jovany Barreto

Jordan Dorsey

Tatynisa Wilson

Julie Zorrilla

Ashthon Jones

Kendra Chantelle

Tim Halperin

Naima Adedapo

Lauren Turner

Brett Loewenstern

Rachel Zevita

Stephano Langone


Then after bringing back 3 Wild Cards here are the Top 13 who will be moving on:

Top 13

Scott McCreery

Pia Toscana

Lauren Alaina

Karen Rodriguez

Jacob Lusk

Casey Abrams

Thia Megia

Paul McDonald

Haley Reinhart

James Durbin

Wild Cards

Ashthon Jones

Stefano Langone

Naimi Adedapo