OK, Tuesday night it was the boys, Wednesday night it’s the girls. Thursday night we whittle the field down to 10. Reportedly next week the 14 eliminated contestants come back to sing and compete for two Wild Card positions to be selected, not by us, but by the three judges.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s shows were taped.

Thursday will have to be live and it will be dragged out to two hours.

Here we go…

Jennifer said the girls are special, supremely talented and beautiful inside and out. The girls are just as “explosive” as the guys.

Randy says America has a chance to pick the “ultimate” top ten. When you vote, ask yourself “Is this the American Idol”

“It is a full moon coming on, I sensed a little nervous, but they got to sing like there is no tomorrow,” says Steven.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson – “Only Girl (In The World)” by Rihanna

– This effort will definitely put her next to the Exit sign. Big yawn here,

“Beautiful way to open the show. You sang the song, and the song sang you.” – Steven said. 

 “It’s good that you’re over now, and you’re the first one,” said Jennifer,

Randy said, “I differ from them. I thought it was just OK. You didn’t bring anything special to it. It paled in comparison to Rhianna’s version. Notes were sharp in the the chorus. I didn’t quite get it.”

NOTE: Right here we need to interject a comment about Steven and J-Lo. They just seem to be afraid to be honest. They are sugar-coating  just about every effort. Maybe it comes with being on the program awhile, but Randy is right on the money so far. Come on Steven and J-Lo… you can do better. It’s very obvious when you are being afraid to be honest and that isn’t doing anyone any good.

Naima Adedapo – “Summertime” –

– Naima gets a sit down with Ryan. Why did she deserve this and not others?

Interesting, jazzy voice. Very good but will it equate to the Idol audience? Just don’t know the answer to that one. Kinda doubt it.

“You bring color, you’re like an exotic flower in a rose garden. ” – Jennifer said.

  “It was a little lounge acty…we saw someone annihilate this a few years ago (Fantasia). I enjoyed the second half more than the first.” – Randy said.

   “I take you personally, it was like early Ella Fitzgerald. A new old-timey thing. It was beautiful. I love you a lot.” – Steven said.

Kendra Chantelle – “Impossible” by Christina Aguilera

– Shockingly good, good voice and a rather pro performance for someone who has really gone under the radar … so far.

“I love that vibrato, it reminds me of Lauryn Hill, I makes it feel warm. I felt connected.” – Randy said.

 “You did it again, voice hot, clothes hot, style hot, song hot.” – Steven said.

 “You have heart. You fought your way into the Top 12. You belong here. We’re just scratching the surface with you. Amazing.” – Jennifer said.

Rachel Zevita – “Criminal” by Fiona Apple

Rachel throws off a black cape, reveals a little black beaded dress. She’s singing “Criminal” and the intent is obvious but the idea just isn’t gonna fly with this crowd. Just didn’t like the song personally.

 “I loved your strut…it’s a little too Broadway for me.” – Steven said.

  “How do you want America to see you? Do want them to see you as a Broadway musical performer or as a recording artist? For me, I wish we would have seen a little bit of that tonight.” – Jennifer said.

 “It didn’t work. I didn’t even know what that was. It wasn’t great. I didn’t even recognize the song.” Randy said.

Karen Rodriguez – “Hero” by Mariah Carey (sung half in Spanish) –

– Song choice OK; but just don’t like splitting a song between English and Spanish. Doesn’t work for me. Her voice is very good, but the entire thing was bland despite what she was trying to do. Standing ovation was a little much.

  “Yes, Karen. Wow. Goosebumps. I love that you changed into Spanish. Amazing.”  – Jennifer said.

“I like that you figured out a way to make it you. I thought the Spanish was better than the English.” – Randy said.

 “I think you ought to get together with Jacob Lusk over there and sing it again. I loved it. I think you’re fantastic.” – Steven said.

Lauren Turner sings “Seven Day Fool” by Etta James  –

J-Lo said she reminded her of a young Bette Midler. Perfect. Lauren has a bluesy alto and soul.

“That’s how you do it man. I love the feel that this could be Amy Winehouse meets Florence and the Machine.” – Randy said.

 “That was spectacular. That was like Lauren Turner meets Lauren Turner. I loved it. A perfect full complete sentence.” – Steven said.

 “You voice is undeniable. Physically you’re holding back, You were holding back. You were great, but don’t hold back. That’s the kind of song you just get in the camera’s face.” – Jennifer said.

Ashton Jones – “Love Over Me” by Monica

Great voice. Pro stage presence. Five steps ahead of most of the others in terms of talent and working the stage. Definite Top 10 although song not great. One suggestion – Ashton don’t be overconfident cause it might come back to bite you.

 “Jonesy, you’ve got the confidence of a queen, and you sing so sweet.” – Steven said.

“You have all the makings of a diva. Your confidence is breathtaking.” – Jennifer said

 “I like you. I didn’t like the song. I think you’re broader, bigger than that. You’re Diana Ross baby. I agree with Randy. Great voice. Pick better songs.” – Randy said.

Julie Zorrilla – “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

Background music overshadowed her. Too much and that was too bad cause she is much better than this effort showed. Much, much better.

 “I didn’t feel it was the best thing we’ve ever seen you do. I felt it a little bit more here. You need to connect to those words.” – Jennifer said.

 “Our original AI sang that song. You didn’t bring anything new to it. You didn’t sing nearly as well. What’s going to make me special and stand out? Not pale compared to Kelly.” – Randy said.

“Wrong song for you. If you had taken it up a couple of chords it would have been better.” – Steven said.

Haley Reinhart – “Fallin” by Alicia Keyes

– She’s a good singer but this is turning out to be totally karaoke, good, but karaoke. Stage moves a little shaky.

 “It didn’t do anything for you. It’s like a karaoke kind of thing.” – said Randy.

   “I heard just the right amount of style, the right amount of sexy.” – said Steven.

 “I agree with Steven. We saw a lot of different colors in your voice. You need to get out of your head a little bit. You belong here.” – said Jennifer.

 Thia Megia – “Out Here On My Own” from Fame

A capella for starters. Another pro already. How is she not gonna get votes? Still I’m a little prejudiced cause she’s almost a neighbor of ours living in the East Bay. But the voice alone is enough to sway voters.

 “A person’s pitch can be so perfect, it doesn’t matter what song they sing. That was beautiful.” – said Steven.

  “It was such a quiet moment. It captivated every person in this room. It was really special.” – Jennifer said.

 “The mark of a great singer is the quality of the tone. The tone reminds me so much of the late Michael Jackson. Tis is what hot singing is about.” – Randy said.

Lauren Alaina – “Turn on the Radio” by Reba McEntire

Picked her to win earlier in the week and this didn’t alter that opinion. Top 10? Top 3? Still think she’ll wind up No. 1. This was just a small taste of Lauren.

 “My little Lauren. Yeah! You look so beautiful. You don’t even have to try. The voice is jus so effortless. I know there’s more in there. Amazing.” – Jennifer said.

 “You have a natural gift. You can sing anything. I don’t think you even know how talented you are. You remind of a combination of Kelly meets Carrie.” – Randy said.

  “You kill me. I love you. You’re the best, and they haven’t seen the best of you yet,” said Steven.

Pia Toscano – “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders

Pia has great voice control and brings her personality into the song and hits the obligatory high note that ends the evening. Moved way up in the ranks with this effort that received a Standing O.

 “This is our first standing of our new season. You just put yourself in the top with that amazing performance. That’s how you do it.” – Randy said.

 “That was unbelievable. That was so over the top. That was gorgeous. Congrats.” – Steven said.

 “I knew that you were a standout. You were saving that. You were saving that for when it counts. Out of this world.” – Jennifer said.