Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon watching the Red Carpet doings I have experienced an Idol epiphany.

I have come up with the final pecking order for the Top 24 Idolists for Season 10.

Of course, picking these is about as easy as shreiking like James Durbin or fitting into one of those Barbie Doll outfits worn by Lauren Alaina.

Right now I am making Ms. Alaina the odds-on favorite to win with Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald in the top three.

Below you will find a list of my Top 10 (circa 2/27/11), another group that includes 8 who could crack the Top 10 and a bottom list in the “Thanks For Coming” category.

So, as we all are lookin’ good on the Red Carpet, here goes:


1. Lauren Alaina – 16 – Rossville, Ga.

– Face it, she is good, she’s polished and voting demographics already give her a wide lead. In a way, it’s her’s to lose

2. Casey Abrams – 20 – Wilmette, Ill.

– If we can keep him out of the hospital and stop him from tossing chairs around …this guy has the natural talent to mold songs in a different way, a la Cook or Lambert.

3. Paul McDonald – 26 – Huntsville, Ala.

– Unique voice, and the hunch is the tweens will love and vote for him.

4. Robbie Rosen – 17 – Merrick, N.Y.

– Good voice, and as they say in golf he plays safe and hits it down the middle.

5. Tim Halperin – 23 – Omaha, Neb.

— This guy might fool everyone and finish in the Top 3, it just depends on the luck of the draw, Or, he might be this year’s Michael Johns (i.e. he won’t finish as high as he should).

6. Kendra Chantelle – 22 – Loudon, Tenn.

– Big voice, big talent and just might turn out to be the suprise of Season 10.

7. Julie Zorrilla – 23 – Denver, Colo.

– I like her back-story about as much as I like her voice.

8. Rachel Zevita – 20 – New York, N.Y.

– Any little slip-up and she will never make the Top 10.

9. Jacob Lusk – 23 – Compton, Ca.

– Jacob, Jacob, Jacob…tone it down for goodness sakes…and even though you haven’t, act like you’ve been here before.

10. Thia Megia – 16 – Hayward, Ca.

– This pick is more from the heart. I love her voice and her natural talent … and she is from the East Bay… she could fade away early, but I hope not.

Scotty McCreary – 17 – Garner, N.C.

Pia Toscano – 22 – Howard Beach, N.Y.

Karen Rodriguez – 21 – New York, N.Y.

Hailey Reinhart – 20 – Wheeling, Ill.

Jovany Barreto – 23 – Harvey, La.

Jordan Dorsey – 21 – Laplace, La.

Stefano Langone – 21 – Kent, Wash.

Brett Loewenstern – 17 – Boca Raton, Fla.



Ashthon Jones – 24 – Valdosta, Ga.

Lauren Turner – 24 – Covington, La.

Tatynisa Wilson – 20 – Shreveport, La.

James Durbin – 22 – Santa Cruz, Ca.

Naima Adedapo – 26 – Milwaukee, Wis.

Clint Jun Gamboa – 26 – Long Beach, Ca.