We had five in the Top 24 fold by 10 Wednesday night, tonight we get 19 more and 2-hours (ugh!) to figure it all out.

Opening is where we left off last night – JayLo crying – and everyone wondering if she really would bow out.

Come on! Not a chance in Hades that is ever going to happen. JayLo is not going to find herself in the parking lot and have to be coaxed back onto the judging panel by Ryan (you do recall Crystal of a year ago, don’t you?) Besides, the money is too good to walk away from it.

So, JayLo is still with us; Chris Medina is still gone; and we move on…

Ryan said: “The show must go on.” And JayLo is still with us. Please, gag me now…

Karen Rodriguez –

Her final song was in Spanish language by Selena. How can Jlo say no? Does she make it?
Jennifer says, “It was a tough one for us…but you’re in our Top 24.” She is No. 6

Robbie Rosen – “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” –

This teen fought through a childhood disability. He’s a good pure singer.
Steven says, “So good, right of the box. You sang your — off. This is one of the hardest competition … positively sure that you made it through to the Top 24. He is No. 7
Randy loves that Robbie is “so unassuming.” Hs is IN.

Tatynisa Wilson – “Unbreak My Heart.”

She forgot the words in an earlier performance.

“On this show, it’s about not having a bad day,” says JayLo.

She bawls thinking she didn’t make it. She is in, No. 8.

Brittany Mazur and Jimmie Allen are OUT

Tim Halperin – Final song – Original song…

He wasn’t a unanimous yes in his L.A. audition, but he impressed the judges in Vegas.
Tim didn’t think his initial audition was his strongest.

Randy said his overall journey had some ups and down.

Jlo thinks he got stronger.

Steven says, “I’m sorry to tell you but…”

He’s in as No. 9.

Julie Zorrilla – Final song, at the piano

Jlo called her a winner at her audition.

“Some of your performances lacked emotion and depth, but thinking of all your performances up until now …you’re in the Top 24.” – JayLo.

Randy also calls her out on her lack of connection.

She’s in and is No. 10. After she almost crushed Ryan… pretty funny moment.

Scotty McCreery and John Wayne Shultz hope there are two spots in the Top 24 for both of them.

Scotty McCreery – Scott plays guitar for his final song – “Long Black Train.” –

He’s in No. 11

John Wayne Shultz was cut.

Randy didn’t think he was quite ready.

Jovany Barreto – His final song was “Angel” –

Jennifer says they were agonizing. “You’re in the Top 24,” says Jennifer. He’s in at No. 12.

Lauren Turner – Final performance “Steal Away” –

She’s got a big bluesy voice.

“We were blown away by the big voice, but Hollywood was up and down…Ok…You made it.”

She’s IN No. 13

Tiwan Strong and Erin Kelly are cut.

Rachel Zevita – Her final song “I’ll Never Love Again” –

Her mom and grandma came  from New York.

Randy says, “You impressed us when we first saw you.” Randy reminds her that they want to see her. You can’t think, “What does that person in the third row want from me?”

Steven says, “I’m really sorry to have to say … you’re coming through.” No. 14

Kendra Chantelle – Her final song “Never Felt This Way.”

Steven says, “We’re a little concerned … they all have to be beyond good. I think that you’ve done the right thing….”

 She’s in.

Jordan Dorsey – His final song was “So High” –

School teacher.

“I’m confident, I’m agressive, I’m a asshat perfectionist,” he says.
He had a tough time in Las Vegas, but impressed the judges with his final performance.

Jennifer tells him he’s through.

Lauren Alaina – Her final performance was “Unchained Melody” –

She had a shaky performance in Las Vegas.

“It became such a tough thing for us to figure out,” said Jennifer.

 “You’re going through girl,” says Steven.

 “You’re so mean!” says Lauren after the attempted fake out.

Stefano Langone – His final song, also an original song, “Come Home” at the piano –

He was in a horrible car accident.

“You had some good moments,” said Jennifer. “You can imagine how hard it was to choose who would go on to the Top 24. At the end of the day somebody has to go home, but we’d love to have you in our Top 24.”

Jackie Wilson – Her final performance “Because of You” –

Jennifer says, “You just didn’t quite get there all the way…it fizzled out toward the end. You didn’t make it to the Top 24.”

  Jackie is really upset and thinks they made a mistake.

 They think she lost her confidence. 

 “I don’t agree with it,” says Jackie, but she is out.

Jacob Lusk – His final song was “Song for You” –

He’s got a big voice and he is in.

Pia Toscano –

“Pia blew them away on Hollywood group day. She “tore up the stage” in Vegas and she is in.

James Durbin –  His final performance was “A Change is Gonna Come” –

The Adam Lambert wannabe make it through.

Casey Abrams – Not a doubt he is in.

Thia Megia and Jessica Cunningham – Thia’s Final performance “You Raise Me Up” –

Randy tells Jessica she could can come back next year. She reminds her it’s her 7th try. She’s so upset, she gives the judges the finger on her birthday on her way out. Thia in, Jessica out.

Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badeaux and Colton Dixon –

There’s one spot left. Brett thought there were two.

Brett sang one of his own songs. “Bullet Vest”.

Colton performs at the piano, an it’s very good. Jacee is an overgrown kid. They tell him to come back.

Brett Lowenstern – in
Colton Dixon – out
Jacee Badeaux – out