We got down to the dreaded “Rooms” on Thursday night.

100 contestants. 4 rooms. 60 left to advance to next week’s round in Vegas. Show still won’t be live, so the real test of the judges is yet another week away.

So, how did the evening go?

The contestants sang with a band or a capella.

Haley Reinhart, 20, Wheeling, Ill. – “God Bless the Child” –
Messed up in the Group Round. Made up for it tonight. She should advance.

Ashton Jones, 24, Nashville, Tenn. – “And I Am Telling You” –
Great R&B sound. Has to advance.

Thia Megia, 15, Mountain House, Ca. – “Wonderful World” –
Come on!? 15-yeaers-old? Sings like a pro and she just has to be the best singer the Tracy area has ever given us. Go through? She’ll be a Top 10er.

Adrian Michael – “Wonderful World” –
Had to start over and that usually is never good.

Caleb Johnson – “Living for the City” –
Also started over…not good Part II.

Frances Coontz – “Hey Soul Sister.”
Off-key, good-bye.

Clint Jun Gamboa – “Georgia” –
On his ego trip he screams the song…

Kendra Chantelle – “Georgia” –
Singin’ the Blues on this version.

Chris Medina – “My Prerogative” –
Didn’t like him before, really don’t like him now.

Carson Higgins -”My Prerogative” –
Not great, but entertaining and for some reason not annoying.

Julie Zorrilla – “Love Song –
Plays the piano and belts it out.

Caleb Hawley – “Feel it All Over” –
Plays guitar and should get a big C Ya…

Colton Dixon “What about Today” –
Played piano; another downer

Brett Loewenstern –
CarrotTop wannabe played the guitar and deserved to go after this performance.

Robbie Rosen – Gravity –
Piano player doing the song I am beginning to really dislike.

Casey Abrams – “Georgia” –
A first for Idol:  the standup bass. And his unique approach is kinda like watching a mellow Adam Lambert or David Cook put a unique spin on a song. He deserves to make it a long way.

Jacqueline Dunford – Sick and bows out of the competition without performing.

Chelsee Oaks, 23 – “Because of You” –
Not the greatest as she thinks about her friend Ms. Dunford who is packing her bags about now.

Lauren Alaina, 16, Rossville, Ga. – “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” –
Love her or hate her, top 5 here she comes.

Jacob Lusk – “God Bless the Child” –
Great song. Can he sustain this effort, though? Doubtful.

John Wayne Shultz, 23, Kansas City – “Landslide” –
C&W singer hanging in there.

Ashley Sullivan – “Everything” –
Dedicates song to boyfriend, has to start over a couple of times and has a meltdown on stage. Enough already.

Stefano Langone – “Sir Duke” –
Jovanny Baretto –
Jacee Badeaux – “Time of My Life” –
All three get C+ and just barely…Jacee is another one I’ve had enough of…

Scott McCreery –
With a different song he forgot the words and admits he should go.

Tatynisa Wilson – “Hope You Dance” –
Another one who forgets the words.


So, we make it to the dreaded Rooms and as it turns out Nos. 1 & 4 stay; 2 & 3 head home. The agony of defeat… etc., you know the rest.

Some in various rooms:

Room 1 – Ashley Sullivan, Brett Loewenstern, Jaycee Badeaux, Caleb Hawley, Clint Gamboa, Robbie Rosen, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Casey Abrams. 

Room 2 – Corey Lavoy, Brielle.

Room 3 – Chelsee Oaks, Mark Guitierrez.

Room 4 – Naimi Adadop, Carson Higgins, Jovana Baretto, Scotty McCreary.

Next Tuesday:
Destination Las Vegas!