Is this internet-only concept working?

Give us one more week and after Friday and the third segment is aired, we’ll make that pronouncement.

But first…

Let’s get real here.

On The Spot With Johnny Wright is in its infancy merely two weeks old.

It’s on the internet – only – so it has its limitations.

It’s interactive – about as much as you might want.

It’s all there at your disposal – all the time, any time.

And it is an American Idol knock-off – no question about that.

So, what will it accomplish? It will give the show’s musical director and founder Johnny Wright an opportunity to pick four singers (along with the help of his three-person staff (Doc Holliday, John Taylor and Candece Campbell) to form the next great group.

Campbell is obviously the Simon Cowell of the group.

So far they have selected five finalists per week from about 2,000 video entries from around world that were submitted. Following are their Top 10:

James M. – football player from Kenosha, Wis.

Kiva R. – A southern girl from Memphis.

Joel V. – Living in Niagra Falls in Canada, whose humor is as good as his music.

Brock B. – One of the Warblers on Glee now living in Hollywood.

Madeline E. – A 17-year-old with a unique and strong tone from Humble, Texas.

Jazz A. – A Detroit native with a soulful voice at only 16.

Kristen A. – A singer and dancer from Ontario, Canada.

Janais C. – Hailing from the English countryside.

Alcina T. – This art and music lover is from St. Dorchester, Mass.

Philippe T. – Our most memorable reaction was coming to us from Montreal.


Key dates on the show:

1. Video Auditions: Dec. 8-Jan. 31.

2. Johnny Narrows the Field: Jan. 29-Feb. 25.

3. Challenge Round – 20 participants: Feb. 25–April 29.

4. Boot Camp in L.A. – 8 finalists: April 29–June 3.

5. Announcement and Live Appearance of Johnny’s next Supergroup: June, 2011


Here is the website:


I’d suggest you watch, listen and draw your own conclusions…