Other than my anniversary I just don’t know any other significance of today’s date: Feb. 4th.

But it just could turn out to be a turning point in music history…or not. Today a new concept debuts in music manager Johnny Wright’s “On The Spot” on-line talent search for the next great “supergroup.”

Wright has worked with David Archuleta, Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC among others. Now he is trying a new formula and it starts today (11 a.m. PST) at the on-line address shown below.

Johnny invited participants from anywhere to send him clips (he received about 2,000) which he reviewed and posted several for you to watch. The show will be interactive (you can ask questions of the judges and the participants) and they will whittle it down to 10 finalists who will be flown to Los Angeles from which will come a winner.

Is there any Idol connection? None other than Johnny is a music manager for Archuleta.

“No, David isn’t involved,” Johnny said during a conference call this week. “None of my acts are really involved in it because the focus on this is finding new talent. However, because of the fact that I could be around and Archuleta or another artist when a video pops up that I’m looking at to try to see if this is somebody that I want to put into my top 20, top 10, I might ask them, ‘ What do you think about this?’ They’ll give me their opinion, but it is not something where they become a cast member of the Web series.”

So the brave new world of “On The Spot” opens today. Are you ready for the 2011 version of the Temptin’ Temptations or even Paul Revere & The Raiders? We are going to find out soon.

 Check it out at the following link later this morning or anytime after that cause it won’t go away.

And for an entire transcript of Johnny’s conference call look at it on another posting on Idol Chatter. We’ll review the show as it progresses.