They said this was going to be one of the worse Idol shows of all time.

They said there wasn’t going to be much talent Thursday night.

They said the L.A. auditions weren’t worthy.

You know what? They were right.

Nothing worked. The talent was dreadful, the jokes weren’t funny, the singers who received Gold Tickets to come back to Hollywood were mostly on the other side of good talent. No one we saw Thursday night is gonna win, no one’s gonna make it to the Top 30.

So, with all that good news here is who we saw:

Victoria Garrett, 21, Long Beach

Here is what she uttered: “God brought American Idol to Los Angeles just for me.” Here is how long she lasted: Pffffft! Gone!

Tim Halperin, 23, Forth Worth, Texas

“She Will Be Loved” –

Sang a  “Maroon 5″ song. Might be this year’s Tim Urban. Said he has had a crush on J-Lo since middle school. Made it through more because of the crush than the chords he could or could not hit.

Daniel Gomez, 18, Corcoran, Ca.

and Isaac Rodriguez, 18, Lemoore, Ca.

This buddy thing is really wearing on me. Enuf already! Goodness, the judges got this one right and sent both of them packing.

Somehow I thought this would work out better than it did, nonetheless, here come the MySpace auditions…….

Karen Rodriquez, 21, New York

“You Give Good Love”.

 One of the top three voices of the evening, which isn’t saying much. But they pass her through as she stands there in awe of J-Lo.

Tynisha Roach, 25,  Hoboken, N.J.

Annoying, completely. She chases Randy around the set, marginally humorous. No way, no chance,  back to Hoboken.

Heidi Khazam, 23, Agoura Hills, Ca.

I always thought this show was about singing. Heidi came out, did a little belly dance, sang a little “Superwoman” and was sent to Hollywood. Question is will she belly dance there cause that’s about the extent of her talent. No way does Simon ever say yes to Heidi.

Matt Frankel, 27, West Hollywood

“Big Stats”. his alter ego. claims to be a freelance music producer. He’s relly a “Big Pain” with a “Big Ego'” Hard to match anything he brought to the table with any descernible talent. Judges agreed and said c ya.

Mark Gutierrez, 28, Redlan ds, Ca.

 and Aaron Gutierrez, 27, Redlands, Ca.

“Lean on Me”

 Two brothers who sounded very good together. But this isn’t a twosome contest and I don’t know how they sound apart. Judges getting tired and passed them on. “It was Godlike. Unreal,” says Steven, What? Steven was kidding, right? He just wanted to get out of there and smoke a cigar in the limo like he was going at the show’s opening.

Cooper Robinson, 59, Arkansas

Couldn’t have found a worse way to end a bad show. Pants On The Ground knockoff guy who tried to be funny and failed. Whatever his day job, he needs to hurry back to it and punch the time clock so he can make some real cash.