Tonight’s show features the Austin, Texas, auditions.

Thursday night it’s L.A.

Both shows are only an hour. Yes! Much better than two hours.

But bigger news than either of those notes, the opening of tonight’s show, according to Ryan, the show’s producers will issue an apology for new judge Steven Tyler’s behavior.

“There is a black card that starts the show tonight,” AI host Seacrest says, “and it starts with: ‘American Idol would like to apologize for last week’s outrageous behavior by Steven Tyler.”

From Day 1 of Tyler’s role as judge I’ve found his comments and his look rather humorous, but his wide-eyed leering at female contestants, especially under-age ones hasn’t been humorous. In fact, mostly it was dark. And last week’s look at Lauren Alaina, a recently turned 16-year-old from Rossville, Ga., was no exception.

I tried to put myself in the position of one of the parents of the contestants and frankly, music career or no music career, I’d find Tyler’s actions beyond borderline were I one of the parents.

Sounds like someone, or lotsa someones on Idol tend to lean in that direction.

Will Tyler get a slap on the wrist?

Will he get a suspension?

Will he offer any rebuttal?

But most of all, will he tone it down?

No matter what it’s certainly one way to get ratings.