City No. 4 is Nashville, Tenn. A natural Idol city. Hey, Nashville is all about music, isn’t it?

And it happens to be the venue where Lauren Alaina auditioned. Who?

Nigel Lythgoe has been touting Ms. Alaina as the next Kelly Clarkson. Can’t wait to hear what she has to offer. Might as well anoint her as the winner or at least a Top 3 candidate and get on with it.

But first let’s make certain we have all this straight.

There were 17,000 who came to audition at the Bridgestone Arena. Later (a month or so) a few hundred, very few, came back to be judged by Tyler/JayLo/Jackson at Ryman auditorium.

What you saw tonight did not occur at the same time at the same venue as you might have thought while watching the show.

Here we go:

Here are the hopefuls from Nashville:

Christine McCafferey, 27, West Palm Beach, Fla.
“I Hope You Dance”

I know West Palm Beach … at least I did about 40 years ago when I worked there and I never saw nor heard anything like this during my stay there. No doubt “Annoying” must be Christine’s middle name. I hope she is comfortable back home tonight.

Chelsee Oaks, 23, Nashville; and Rob Bolin, 23, Nashville
“To Love Somebody”

Another curve AI executives are tossing our way this season: A duo auditioning together. Can’t say it didn’t work, can’t say it did. It was interesting and these two – a former couple at that – both received Gold Tickets. Rob will go further in the competition than Chelsee although it would make for good reality TV if they both make it all the way to the abode where the final 10 will live together. Just what AI needs … not!

Allen Lewis, 26, Franklin Furnace, Ohio
“Simple Man”

Allen wailed … poorly. Stated his case … not exactly eloquently. And exited like a Southern gentleman, Bet he’s back home in Franklin Furnace singing his heart out at a bar somewhere right now.

Stormi Henley, 19, Crossville, Tenn.
“Father Can You Hear Me”

I can honestly state here and now that I once knew a little lady named Shine. But never have a I run across a Stormi. She was Miss Teen Nashville. But they never had a talent portion of the contest she won. Won’t question that. Vote was split and came down to Randy casting the deciding yeah or nay. I thought Randy was the honest one this season. Not with this cute little pageant winner. She received an undeserved Gold Ticket. She will last in Hollywood about as long as the plane flight.

Adrienne Beasley, 22, Wickliffe, Ky.

I suppose because it was Kentucky, but AI made a semi-big deal out of the fact that Adrienne is African American, but was adopted by white parents when she was 2. Fortunately, a lot of the country (I am hoping) would be well beyond that storyline. She would just be good, old 22-year-old Adrienne with a unique country sounding voice. Probably won’t, but she just might surprise a lot of folks if the big city lights don’t consume her.

Kameela Meeks, 28, Oak Grove, Ky.
“Sweet Thing”

I am glad Kameela made the show. A year ago Ms. Magnus was labeled a screamer. Not even close after you listen to this real screamer. Ms. Magnus could and can flat out sing. Ms. Meeks can flat scream and now she can do it all she wants back in Kentucky.

Jackie Wilson, 28, Nashville, Tenn.
Aretha Franklin

Really? She made it,  but I did not see the talent. And to top it off – Holy Baby Boomer! – her boyfriend looked to be old enough to be her father. She, too, will be in Hollywood long enough to see the sights. La Brea Tar Pits here comes Jackie!

LaToya Moore, 26, Nashville, Tenn.
“When I Close My Eyes”

She was dressed to the nines with a voice of about 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Had her CD, but only brought one copy and asked the judges to pass it around. Then she got a pass all right, all the way back  home. No Golden Ticket this time around.

Matt Dillard, 27, Cheatham County, Tenn.
Josh Groban

Dressed like he just walked off the front proch at the local Cracker Barrell. No doubt to gain attention … which he received. Voice was surprisingly good and very Groban-esque. This guy might be sly like a fox. Not a winner but he might advance some.

Lauren Alaina, 15,  Rossville, Ga.
“Like We Never Loved At All” – Faith Hill

Good friend, BFF, cousin Holly had a brain tumor and inspired little Lauren to sing. She will overwhelm the voting tween audience. If she doesn’t make the Top 10 then… holy American Idol!

Didn’t really think the Faith Hill song was that good, but when she warbled  “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” with Steven I was sold. There is probably a lot more polish with little Lauren than we were led to believe. We shall see her in Hollywood and beyond.

Next Wednesday it’s on to Austin, Texas.