What is coming to Idol that you haven’t seen or heard in the past?


– Contestants will be able to sing original songs, but that will be limited.

NOTE: This is more than likely to be dreadful.

– There will be no on-line voting this season. Show officials aren’t convinced they can make it completely secure.

NOTE: Duh, remember the stink over Kris Allen’s win. Who thinks that voting was secure raise your right hand and take an oath to Adam Lambert.

– There will be limitations on how often contestants can play their own instruments. Allen and Lee DeWyze used guitars to excess the last two seasons, or at least show officials thought so and even labeled contestants as a bunch of strummers rather than guitarists or musicians.

NOTE: Don’t really care cause most times you are glad they have that guitar handy. Can’t recall Lambert ever grabbing on to a guitar.

Other stuff:

– One of the pdoducers – Ken Warwick – said in a press gathering this week that very often America gets it wrong.”

NOTE: Bet Allen, DeWyze and David Cook (whatever happened to him?), for starters, enjoyed hearing that comment.

– When asked if he will be on a 5-second delay, new judge on the block Steven Tyler replied, “F— no!”

NOTE: Mr. Tyler is either going to be real good or a real bust. No in-between here.