Here’s an update to yesterday’s posting that Lee DeWyze will be performing in Santa Rosa on Dec. 8th. The first American Idol winner to grace our city limits.

Well, make that two AI winners coming to our midst.

Kris Allen will also be here in December – the 11th to be exact – and also at The Last Day Saloon.

The DeWyze show will be free but to get tickets you’ll have to win your way in as a member of the radio station Mix 104.9’s Mix Clique club on the Mix website. DeWyze is scheduled to do a meet-and-greet session the night of the show and he will perform 20-30 minutes starting at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Allen’s performance will have a $15 (advance sales) and $20 (night of the show) ticket charge. Start time for his hour-long acoustic show has yet to be announced.

Other American Idol performers – David Archuleta and Danny Gokey most recently – have performed in Santa Rosa, but never one of the show’s nine winners.

The Last Day Saloon is located at 120 5th St., Santa Rosa. Telephone is 545-2343 and website is

The Mix website is

Following, in part, is an interview with Mix program director Danny Wright regarding the announcement of the shows this week:

How did you get DeWyze and Allen, two winners, to come to Santa Rosa and such a small venue? They go from the show (24 million viewers) to the AI Summer Tour (thousands at huge venues) to The Last Day Saloon?

DW: “Really it’s the power of radio! Lee DeWyze is doing a radio tour promoting his album “Live it Up”… doing some songs from the album acoustic for radio stations and their listeners. Mix 104.9 has a great relationship with these the record labels.

“As far as Kris Allen is concerned, we wanted a big name to headline the 5th Anniversary of our Chris-Mix concerts. I had been working with the record label to get Kris in here to do something for our listeners and the timing worked out for him to do our Chris-Mix concert.

“We did some negotiating with management on his fee and the rest is history. Chris-Mix always has an intimate setting… we wanted to keep that theme, but make it a bit bigger than years past, so we partnered with the Last Day Saloon.”

Was it just coincidental that you got them so close together?

DW: “Yes, total coincidence. We had been working on Kris of many months, Lee kind of fell in our lap. I was trying to book them on the same date, but couldn’t quite make that happen.”

Do they have the same booking agency?

DW: “Well, I worked with the record labels to book them. They are on different labels.”

So far as you know are they first Idol winners to appear in SR?

DW: “Yes, as far as I know.”

Am I right – DeWyze no charge, Allen 15 and 20 bucks?

DW: “Well Lee DeWyze is “Win Your Way In” show for Mix Clique Members … has all the info.

“Mix 104.9’s 5th Annual Chris-Mix with Kris Allen, Hedley, Days Difference and The Pat Jordan band is $15 now! And $20 day of the show! (although every past Chris-Mix has sold out.) Here is the link to buy tickets”

How long will they perform?

DW: “Lee DeWyze will do a 20-30 minute acoustic set, with a meet and greet for some of the winners. I’m also working on getting him in studio that day.

“Kris Allen is headlining Chris-Mix… so he will do about an hour acoustic set.”

Do you know where they are performing prior to coming here?

DW: “Kris Allen just did a show in San Francisco last Sunday with Lifehouse. I think he maybe back in the area around the time of our show (Dec. 11th).

“Not sure about Lee, since he is doing a radio tour.”

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