Katie Stevens peforms at the Shoreline in mid-August 2010

The curtain comes down, maybe in a lot of ways, on the American Idol Summer Tour and the Top 10 Idol finalists from Season 9 on Tuesday in Indianoplis.

Just a hunch, but winner Lee DeWyze and runnerup Crystal Bowersox will probably have at least a run at a career. The other 8? Well, that remains to be seen.

So, before they fade away from our consciousness and the talk-show circuit here is a look – literally – one last time as they performed earlier this month at the Shoreline in Mountain View.

This time next year will you remember Didi or Big Mike or Casey? We’ll see.

Here is a final look at No. 8 finisher, teenager Katie Stevens. Will Katie make it beyond Idol? I say she just might be the season’s biggest surprise.