Don’t know what it was, exactly … maybe the huge crowd on Sunday at Golden Gate Park … maybe the setting … maybe the weather … maybe the other performing groups … or maybe it was all of that, but Kris Allen was really good.

It was dubbed Summerthing! and sponsored by ALICE radio. Give it a thumbs up

Sound system good; bands good; program went smoothly (noon-4:30 p.m.); enuf security; lovely weather; and plenty of bubbles.

Say what you want about Allen, but he can grow on you. He’s becoming an accomplished stage presence who can connect with an audience. The sound is unique and as he gains more exposure beyond the American Idol label, he’ll only get better.

And, this sort of outing, with a couple of established bands, won’t hurt. Surely he and his band gain from just talking to these guys and watching what they do.

Kris … well done.