At one point during this season, Top 10 finalist Siobhan Magnus was being compared to last season’s runnerup Adam Lambert – for her individuality, her unique style and her ability to tweak songs in a different way.

How did she take that adulation? She spoke about it Thursday morning during her exit interview conference call with the media after her elmimination in the No. 6 spot Wednesday night.

“Well, it was wicked flattering being compared to him,” Magnus said. “Right off the bat I just respect him so much for his individuality and his confidence. His stage presence is tremendous. It’s undeniable he was born to do what he is doing.

“He was extremely helpful as a mentor because he was the first mentor that we ever had, the show ever had, who was a past contestant. So, he knew first-hand what it was like to be in our shoes. He was very sensitive to that. He knew what to say and the things he said were so dead-on and I really just tried to absorb every single thing that he said, every moment that I had with him.

“He pointed out some great things, not just about technical things like singing the right notes but about the entire performance, your presence on stage, your emotions and things to make it more believable.

“I was just honored to get that time with him and he was such a kind person. He made it that much easier and less scary. I was so honored to have met him and shared an experience with him. And to have been given advice from him. I hope to see him again soon. He was a great guy.”