Two hours plus of Idol Gives Back on Thursday and on many, many levels it was mostly wrong…
Like where?

– The Top 12 contestants came out and sang. They were all dressed in white and looked like they were about to sell ice cream down the street. They sang “Keeping The Dream Alive” which was in line with the inspiration model for the evening. But it was pretty vanilla … hey, maybe that explains the “good humor person” look…

– Humor … or lack of it. First there was Jonah Hill/Russell Brand – thumbs down; then George Lopez, couple good lines, mostly thumbs down; second run-through with Hill/Brand was thumbs way down; Wanda Sykes, marginal.

– Worst performance of the night … The Black Eyed Peas singing “Rock That Body.” What was that all about? Honestly? It was embarrassing. Embarrassing for Idol, embarrassing for the concept of Idol Gives Back.
And it went from Fergie & Co. prancing about in ridiculous get-ups to a ridiculous song to a segment in Uganda.
And do you know what that segment was? It was about a man’s pregnant wife, sick with malaria, who later dies.
Don’t really feel like I have to say anything else.

– Best segments that worked with the IGB theme:

– President Obama and Michelle Obama … they opened the show and Michelle said: “Simon be nice.” Now that wasn’t rubbish!

– Jennifer Garner/Victoria Beckham … segment from Kentucky supporting reading programs. Seemed like an odd combo to send to Kentucky but it was so far out there that it worked.

– Jeff Beck and Joss Stone doing “I Put A Spell on You.” Inspirational? Iffy. Beautifully done? Absolutely.

– Bill & Melinda Gates … talked about their Foundation and the ONE campaign. Nothing but respect for the Gates. They have a kijillion bucks, aren’t afraid to donate it and they track where it goes to make sure none of it is wasted.

– David Cook in Ethiopia … told the story of girls ending up in domestic servitude or in the sex trade in this country. Well done…

– Annie Lennox … did a look at AIDS in Africa and sang “Universal Child.” Quite possibly the best and most inspiring performance of the evening.

– Mary J. Blige performed “Stairway to Heaven” with Orianthi, Travis Barker and Randy Jackson … entertaining, well-done…

– Elton John … talked about the Elton John Aids Fourndation, performed “Your Song.” Perfect way to end the show. I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas were watching this part of the show?