So, we have reached Idol Gives Back week and we have the Magnificent 7 left. Here are Idol Chatter’s rankings and some comments prior to Tuesday night’s performances:
1. Crystal Bowersox

Did her threat to quit hurt her chances? Probably not much. She hasn’t really missed a beat yet, but that’s not to say she won’t over the next few weeks. It’s still her title to lose.

2. Lee DeWyze

He continues to show slight improvement every week, but the nerves are still there. The lack of a real connection with the audience is what will keep him from winning. Put it this way, there is only one way Lee will be the next American Idol: Crystal will lose it, he won’t win it.

3. Casey James

For this crowd, he was pretty polished to begin with and that hasn’t changed a bit. He’ll become a country singer of some note. Only thing that’s a negative is his somewhat unabashed mini-celebrations when he makes the cuts and others don’t. Don’t care for that.

4. Mike Lynche

Still not a big Big Mike fan. He can sing, but not that well. And his personality leaves me cold. Unfortunately, he is profiting from the lack of talent in the competition this year.

5. Siobhan Magnus

At the outset, she was being portrayed as a female Adam Lambert in terms of her unique individualism. That hasn’t faded, but what has faded is her versatility. Early on she had one performance with one incredible note and she has rode that all the way to the final seven. She can change all that, but it’ll take a “Lambert Mad World Performance” to do so.

6. Tim Urban

Tim smiled his way into the Top 12 and listened to the judges to progress this far. There is absolutely no way he can win this competition and slim, if any, chance that he will ever receive a subsequent recording contract. His best bet is to enjoy the ride, bank the money and someday tell his kids about it all.
7. Aaron Kelly

Little, young Aaron. His problem is timing. It’s all wrong. He’s too young and not talented enough. The experience should kickstart a singing career if he really wants to pursue it. But it’ll be a long, long journey for him. More than likely, he leaves the show this week.