As Elvis would have said: “Don’t be cruel,” but something wasn’t right Tuesday night.

Kinda hard to pinpoint, but there was just something totally out of whack with Tuesday’s show. Nothing went terribly wrong, it was just that nothing was terribly right either.

Even down to the end when they limited the judges’ comment to speed up the show and then it ended too soon and Ryan had to stretch for time by thanking everyone and promoting (gag me) Glee one more time.

Siohban was out of sync and verbally lashing back at Simon; Casey was singing a song that seemed like it originated in the ’30s; Big Mike took a song he should have nailed and simply made it pedestrian; Tim became a crooner; and then there was Adam.

Bless his little straight-up Elvis-like ‘do, try as he may, Mr. Lambert had a very difficult time getting through to the Nimble Nine. All he was trying to tell them was to liven things up with their performances. Few really seemed to listen to him. And that was a shame.

Maybe Elvis was in the house and upset at what he was hearing.

So, we reduce the number to the lucky 7 Wednesday night. It’ll almost assuredly come down to Andrew, Mike and Aaron in the Bottom 3. Two-outta-three go and the bet here is that Aaron stays.


Rankings after Tuesday:

1. Crystal Bowersox – “Saved”

1. Lee DeWyze – “A Little Less Conversation”

3. Katie Stevens – “Baby What Do You Want Me to Do”

4. Casey James – “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”

5. Tim Urban – “I Can’t Help Falling in Love”

6. Siobhan Magnus – “Suspicious Minds”

7. Aaron Kelly – “Blue Suede Shoes”

8. Mike Lynche – “In The Ghetto”

9. Andrew Garcia – “Hound Dog”


Following are some of the judges’ comments on Tuesday night’s performances:

Crystal Bowersox – “Saved”

RJ: “That’s the way to come out and give it up. that was dope. second coming of Bonnie Raite. I loved it.”

ED: “Fantastic.”

KD:  “Another solid performance, love the uptempo, drama..did some really good things tonight.”

SC: “That was a lyric I could personally relate to. You didn’t choose an obvious song, you put your on slant on it, you didn’t fall into the karaoke trap. Congratulations once again.


Andrew Garcia – “Hound Dog”

RJ: “That was definitely not good karaoke. It was pitchy. I didn’t like it.”

ED: “I wish you had put a little more swagger into it. But I thought you pulled it off. I liked it a whole lot.”

KD: “It’s Elvis, you’ve got to own it. The mike was your crutch. There were some nice places, but I wanted to feel more …swagger.”

SC: “Lazy, unpredictable. It didn’t feel like a star performance. All of your coolness has been sucked out of you. I didn’t get it.”


Tim Urban – “I Can’t Help Falling in Love”

RJ: “This may surprise you. I actually liked it.”

ED: “I really enjoyed it. I thought that that was beautiful.”

KD: “Probably my favorite Tim performance, authentic real, from your heart, well done.”

SC: “You have managed to go from zero to hero in two weeks. Very clean, you’re growing in confidence, you’ve taken advice from us really, really well. Congratulations.”


Lee DeWyze – “A Little Less Conversation”

RJ: “You are definitely in the zone.”

ED: “You made that so current. More confidence. You’re getting better and better.”

KD: “I never seen you go vocally like you did tonight. It could have been a little bit lighter, playful, but the vocal was fire.”

SC: “It was about nailing the song, it was on the money full stop.”


Aaron Kelly – “Blue Suede Shoes”

 ED: “I thought that was a big song to take on. I’ll give you an A for effort. You didn’t get all the way there.”

KD “You’re out of your comfort zone, and I really like it. It pushed you, it kept you on edge, felt more current.”

SC: “It didn’t make you younger, it was like somebody at a high school doing a concert at the end, very karaoke. Not original. Dressing up for the part.”


Siobhan Magnus – “Suspicious Minds”

 RJ:  “I Kinda liked it when you broke into the slower part, that’s when I liked it. That girl can sing.”

 ED: “I liked the second half more than the first..that’s what you do best.”

KD: “Siobhan has two voices and it’s getting confusing for me. I wasn’t crazy about it…”

SC: “It was like you were put in a time machine, this was like a completely different person, the first part of the song was terrible, second part very erratic and screechy. Not one of your best performances. You have lost who you were.”


Mike Lynche – “In The Ghetto”

RJ: “The song was a little sleepy, but those were hot vocals.”

ED: “I’m glad we saved you.”

KD: “You definitely sang it well.”

SC: “It was a million, billion times better than last week.”


Katie Stevens – “Baby What Do You Want Me to Do”

RJ: “Katie’s getting a little sassy, very nice.”

ED: “It was a very horny song. A lot of horns. Man you can sing.”

KD: “Katie I think you just showed us judges! Good job.”

SC: “I just found it really loud, a bit annoying. I didn’t like the song very much. They (the other judges) liked it, it doesn’t matter what I think.”


Casey James – “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”

RJ: “You’re in the zone. I wanted more, but it’s another solid performance.

ED: “I love your voice. You look comfortable surrounded by a whole sea of women, not as exciting as I would have liked, but you’re always good.”

KD: “That really fell short for me.”

SC: “That was a wasted opportunity, but your vocal was good. Sorry, it was completely forgettable.”