Saving “Big Mike” Lynche raised some questions…

– For starters – Why? He isn’t going to win. Wouldn’t logic say you save the Save for someone who has a chance.

– What if …. Well, seriously, what if Crystal or Lee or Casey or Siobhan have a bad day, get a sore throat, miss the bus to the studio? What if they finish last in the voting next week and are eliminated cause the Save was gone, kaput, outta here … then what?

– Maybe the talent is so thin and the ratings are going nowhere fast that – in the great conspiracy theory world – FOX is looking for a little publicity and insisted the judges use the Save and hope one of favorites does get ousted much to the chagrin of the 134 million voters out there.

– What was “Big Mike” thinking as first he made the Bottom 3 then the Bottom 2 and then all of a sudden he was singing for his Idol life? Wifey was bawling in the front row, Kara was pleading with Simon to invoke the Save and the place was jumpin. I’ll give him this much, he did a stellar job with all that emotion flying all over the place.

– What were the other eight thinking at that moment? None seemed as overly moved as the audience did with the exception of maybe Crystal. The others probably were thinking “what about the Save for me?”

– And who was that loud, annoying joker in the audience? He just had to be a plant or someone FOX and the AI folks were familiar with. Come on, you just don’t allow a loudmouth nobody to come on stage during a live performance and hug Siobhan. The production folks couldn’t have been that naive, now could they? If he wasn’t known to anyone there … well, Houston, we have a problem here. Can you say: Security!

– You can bet the ranch that AI is now hoping that Andrew, Tim, Aaron and Katie go before “Big Mike” basically to justify the Save. Worst case scenario for AI would be lose any of the Big 4 – Crystal, Shioban, Lee, Casey – before “Big Mike” goes and after the Save is kaput.

– Next week’s mentor is Adam Lambert. Now that’s a little lame. Not that Adam won’t do a fine job (and better yet be a huge audience draw) but with all the great talent out there there just had to be somebody who could’ve filled those shoes. And just what advice is Adam going to give “Big Mike”? Attire? Song choice? Makeup? If “Big Mike” was confused last week, this week ought to be over the top. Just can’t wait to see him pound his ample chest after his performance and then give Adam a big bear hug. LOL