Nine left standing.

Six men; three women.

One incredible songbook of tunes – The Beatles.

What will they sing tonight?

That’s anybody’s guess, but here is a list of what we would like to see them sing:

Lee Dewyze – It’s Only Love

Lee can just sit there, put his best David Cook voice forward and knock this one out of the park.
Casey James – I Feel Fine

Casey could grab his guitar, go up-tempo here and rock. He could once and for all remove that Country label. Certainly that would broaden his appeal.
Crystal Bowersox – Hey Jude

This one would put plenty of distance between Crystal and whomever is No. 2.
Mike Lynche – I’ll Follow The Sun

Mr. Lynche I haven’t felt the love so far. You are way over the top with alleged showmanship and on-camera antics (refer you to picking up the host last week). But with this song you can sit there, guitar in hand and really, really impress me.

Siobhan Magnus – Blackbird

Siobhan will do this one for Didi (Didi was gonna sing it this week). And if she doesn’t scream she’s home free for the Top 3 … at least.

Andrew Garcia – If I Fell

Andrew could make mom & pop proud with this one. He could slow it way down and impress us with his voice.
Katie Stevens – Good Day Sunshine

Katie would be perfect here. Great little Tweener song that she could really belt out of the park.

Aaron Kelly – Yesterday

There is no other song that Aaron should even consider.
Tim Urban – I’m A Loser

OK, Tim, here is your chance. You will laugh, they will laugh, but in the end you can laugh all the way to the bank cause it’s a song – and a title – they will long remember and you’ll get just enough votes to last another week.