So, here (below) are your Top 10 and the 10 you will see on the American Idol Summer Tour this year if you care to plop down some coin to do so.

Here was the scenario at the Idol Chatter household as the Bottom 3 chairs were filled…

– Andrew and Katie were left standing to fill the final chair.

Idol Chatter Wife: “I’m telling you, if she (Katie) doesn’t go home tonight  I’m never watching this show again.”

Andrew is announced as being safe and Katie takes a seat next to Paige and Tim.

IC Wife: “Good, but she better go.”

IC Wife leaves the room momentarily and very quickly Seacrest announces Katie is safe.

IC Wife returns and looking at the TV she suddenly realizes Katie isn’t there.

IC Wife: “Where is she? Where is she? Don’t tell me she’s safe? She is, isn’t she. Well, that’s it. I’m not watching this show any more.” She stomps out of the room.

Remember that AI audience of 24 million? Now it’s 23,999,999.


Here is what happened Wednesday night:

Going  Home

Paige Miles

Bottom Three

Paige Miles

Tim Urban

Katie Stevens


Lee Dewyze

Aaron Kelly

Crystal Bowersox

Mike Lynche

Andrew Garcia

Casey James

Didi Benami

Siobhan Magnus