Todrick Hall was one of four Top 24 males and 2 females from Texas. He was also the roommate of Alex Lambert. And he also unabashedly petitioned himself for a job on Glee now that his American Idol run is complete.

Following is the exit interview conference call from Friday (March 12, 2010) with Todrick:

You were one of four guys from Texas in the Top 24, right?

“We were all kinda little bit anxious about it. Texas has such a strong voting power. There were two girls also from Texas.”

What do you plan going forward?

“I’m making it my personal job now. My own campaign manager to get a part on Glee. I would love, love, love to be the next cast member on Glee. That’s the perfect spot for me.”

Who will you miss the most?

“My best friend is Jose Munoz and Alex Lambert, my roommate.”

Did the dancing come in handy?

“Yes, for the dancing numbers, but it actually kind of hindered me during the rehearsals. I’d be going, ‘Come on, guys, left-right, left-right’ and someone would have to remind me that they aren’t dancers. One of the things I had to realize that it wasn’t that. Announcing that I was a dancer and that I was on Broadway actually hurt me and it was part of the reason why I’m not on the show anymore.”

How did you feel about singing a Queen song this week?

“Actually I probably should have sang it a few weeks ago. But I lot of people tried to convince me to sing songs from Black artists – Usher, Stevie Wonder – cause that’s your demographic. But that’s not the kind of music I wanted to sing. I am happy I stayed true to myself cause I at least felt if I had sang the cookie-cutter songs and had not gone so far out there with the clothes and the performances and had been normal maybe I would have done better but I wouldn’t have been true to myself.”

Knowing you were in the theatre … do you think if that hadn’t been told to the judges that it ever would have come up?

“I don’t think it would have and it’s sad to say that when people know it’s hard to shake those things. You know,  I think right now if Lady Gaga were on American Idol now they wouldn’t have good things to say about her. When it is not changing it too much and when is it changing it enough. If you want to win it, I don’t know. I was true to myself and being different in the end.”

What was the first thing you did after you were eliminated?

“I just took a deep breathe and thought what do I do next. Pick yourself up. I have had a lot of experience in theatre and there are a lot of nos. You always have nos. So I was used to it. I was more concerned about Alex and him not being used to it.”

Next week with the Rolling Stones. What were you going to sing?

“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction and I was going to dance for the first time. I was looking forward to doing that.”