Ashley Rodriguez is 22, from Boston and now a former American Idol Top 24 finalist.

She, along with three other contestants, was eliminated on Thursday in the first round of eliminations.

Here is what she had to say on Friday during a conference call about her AI experience:

“It shows me I have to fight for what I want. I got a little taste of the dream and now that I have a little taste of what this life is like. I want more of it.

“The Top 24 photo shoot was a blast. We went into this big L.A. shoot. Ton of press was there and it was our opportunity to shine. That was one of my favorite moments. Getting to meet and work with Ricky Minor and the band was great.

“I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It’s an awesome thing that I can walk out and say I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason.

“The judges weren’t taking any chances this week. Some of us thought they would be a little lenient considering it was our first week. They were quick to give a lot of criticism and didn’t back it up with some positives.

“Simon was a little harsher than usual. We’ve all agreed that Simon and the rest of the judges were a little harsh with everyone. No leniency with the first live performance. But they are doing their job.

“At the end of the day I love them all and hopefully we’ll be crossing paths again.

“It was an incredible moment. Thirty million people got to hear me sing. A huge audience on such a big stage.

Following, thanks to, is a link to Ashley’s Top 24 interview: