There’s a bunch of numbers here so we’ll run through them in a hurry:

71 – Hollywood hopefuls left when Tuesday’s show began.

46 – How many were left after Day 1 when one entire room full of hopefuls got their tickets to ride … home.

24 – How many will be left after Wednesday night’s show.

10 – Number of women left to be ushered through to the promise land.

7 – Number of men … ditto.

5 – Number of men they announced on Tuesday who had made it through.

2 – Number of women … ditto


So, we’ll go backward on this.

The women who made it:

Didi Benami – She had lost her best friend Rebecca and was doing this in her honor; she sang a song penned by Kara (not a bad idea to help you make it through). Doubt she will go all that far.

Katelyn Epperley – Parents divorcing or divorced. One way or another there is internel turmoil. She won’t last as long as Benami.

The men who made it:

Michael Lynche – Big Mike, big guns, personal trainer, had a kid while in Hollywood. Way, way, way overrated by the judges.

Casey James – From Cool, Texas. Heart throb for Kara. Hurt in a cycle mishap. Has the talent to win it all. Probably won’t.

Lee Dewyze – Haven’t seen or heard him much on previous shows. May come from out of nowhere to contend, then again he may not.

Todrick Hall – Worked with Fantasia in the Color Purple. Kinda full of himself. Did that original song in tryout week with witty AI-aimed lyrics.

Aaron Kelly – 16-year old kid adopted by his aunt. Reminds you a little of Archie in his demeanor, not his voice. Won’t be around too long.


First half of the two-hour show was all snippets of tryouts by 24 of the hopefuls. Rooms 1 & 3 all passed; Room 2 was dismissed. Biggest mistake there was Hope Johnson. She should have moved along. Best choice to leave was Mary Powers. Way, way, way too certain she could sing better than she really could.


After Wednesday night’s one-hour effort and the Top 24 are revealed, we’ll list our opening odds on their chances of winning.

By the way, forgot one important number from Tuesday’s show:

10 – number of commercial breaks, OMG, but hey, someone’s got to pay Simon’s salary, right?