Well, the big party came to a close.

Seven cities.

100,000 showed up to try out.

181 received Yellow tickets to Hollywood.

This was the finale before we head to Hollywood next Tuesday with Ellen on the judging panel (not soon enough).

We get another look at the General Larry Platt and his Pants On The Ground before the show starts. That was good.

But the show didn’t turn out to be all that full of talent or surprises or “Oh, my” moments.

Here, though, is what transpired…

Jessica Furney (20) –  Wamego, Kans.

“Footprints in the Sand” –

In the suck-up performance of the season so far, Jessica sings a song that Simon allegedly co-wrote. Very brief audition, voice was OK, nothing special. Still she gets 4 Yes votes.

Amanda Shechtman (19) Roslyn, N.Y.

– Weird, annoying voice. Pure theatre as she plays the role of “woe is me.” They give her a Yellow ticket. But still they should make her pay her own way to Hollywood. Definitely not worthy.

Lee Dewyze (23) –  Mount Prospect, Ill.

“Ain’t No Sunshine”

Crystal Bowersox (23) – Elliston, Ohio

 “Piece of My Heart” –

(Note: The two above contestents were shown in quick snippets; both heading to Hollywood.)

Lacey Brown (23) – Amarillo, Texas

“Over the Rainbow”

– Honestly couldn’t recall her, but last season she made it to the Top 50 and was cut from the chair when she went head-to-head with Megan Joy. She shouldn’t have lost then, glad she advanced now.

Stephanie Fisher (23) – Jamestown, N.Y.


– She is a VB (Victoria Beckham) fan and after she fails miserably, VB comes and gives her a hug. For Ms. Fisher that was probably better than a ticket to Hollywood anyway.

Rachel Hubbard (16) – Boerne, Texas

Thaddeus Johnson (16) – Oklahoma City, Okla.

Genesis Moore (16) – McDonough, Ga.

(All three above are 16; all get Hollywood tickets; none will go very far)

Adrian Chanditchi (17)  – Apopka, Fla.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

– Yo Andrian is 6-foot-8 and a swimmer with a squeaky voice. He had guts to give it a try and they had guts to hear him out.

Michael Lynche (26) – Astoria, N.Y.

“Unchained Melody” by the Rightous Brothers

 – Big guns on big Mike. Tough song to sing and not get the crowd thinking of the original. Mike’s going to Hollywood.

Didi Benami (22) – Hollywood, Ca.

“Hey Jude”

Sang for a friend who died four years ago. Interesting voice and if she masks the emotions from now on Didi could be in for a long ride.

Aaron Kelly (16) – Sonestown, Pa.

“The Climb” – Miley

Another one of those “our family was poor” back stories. AI seems to be getting more and more of those. Maybe it’s because there are more and more of them. He’s a little kid with a big voice and a good story. Just maybe he’ll take that Yellow ticket and run with it.

Kimberly Bishop (20) – Altamonte Springs, Fla.

“I Kissed a Girl” –

She did a not-so-good Katy Perry impersonation. No way and back to FLA she went.

Shaddaii Harris (22) – Arlington, Texas

You kinda thought going in that she was bound to get a pass to Hollywood. Nope. The voice was just this side of bad. As for the song she sang, Simon’s response: “I think I am allergic to that song.”

Hope Johnson (19) – Arlington, Texas

“I Hope You Dance”

Waitress who was so poor sometimes she would save food she got at school and bring it home so her little brother would have something to eat. She was good and deserved the Yellow ticket, but you knew down deep the last visual was going to be a success story not a failure.