OK, it was Denver, the final audition city. We had a girl from Florence, Italy, and a guy in a bikini. We had a few unique voices and another one who left reluctantly.

But it is good we are at the end of the auditions, they are getting tired.

And, Victoria Beckham was back. I thought we had seen the last of her. But her return trip to the judging panel was better than the initial go-round.

Remember, Daughtry auditioned here in 2005 so there is some talent in the vicinity.

Mark Labriola (28) – Aurora, Colo.

– “Tempted”

– The guy likes cheese and he’s lived everywhere from Hawaii to Alaska, or so he claims. Simon seems to enjoy the back story of his life more than wanting to hear him sing. When he finally does, he’s not bad and off to Hollywood he goes.

Mario Galvan (25) – Denver

– “Jailhouse Rock”

– He’s just about as nervous as most folks would be. He’s not very good, but he also didn’t deserve the mocking Simon offered. He’ll be watching the next round from his home in Denver.

Kimberley Kerbow (24) – Marina Del Rey, Ca.

– “The Way I Am”

– After she sings and receives a Yellow ticket, the panal is convinced she was wearing a wig. She told Simon she was a single mom and he started some serious flirting. As she left he said: “Good, now go and talk to your ex.” Odd, Simon, odd.

Danalle Hays (24) – Seattle

– “I’m The Only One”

– Raspy voice, sings in bars. She just might go a long way.

Casey James (27) – Fort Worth, Texas

– He advances, but it’s hard to say why. Kara asks him to unbutton his shirt. Maybe that explains the Yellow ticket.

Torri Kelly (16) – Canyon Lake, Ca.

– “Gravity” by John Mayer

– Brings in her little daughter who drew pictures of the judges. Grossly unfair, but no one ever questioned this commpetition really being a level playing field. Simon says no, but he’s the only dissenting vote. Off to Hollywood.

Austin Paul (22) – Washington, D.C.

– He’s the long snapper on the University of Colorado football team. He has clearly bent over too often cause the pipes aren’t all that good. Maybe he can go back and sing the Buffaloes’ fight song.

Kenny Everett (24) – Durham, N.C.

– Kenny, what was that all about. Thanks for coming.

Nicci Nix (22) – Florence, Italy

– Long way from home. Her voice was OK, a little better than most and of course they moved her on. The voice was a little squeaky, but she still might go a long way.

Haeley Vaughn (16) – Fort Collins, Colo.

“Last Name” by Carrie Underwood

– Unless Ms. Vaughn hits some sort of severe roadblock she is a lock to make the Top 10. Her voice, her potential, her personality all should take her a long way.

Ty Hemmerling (25) – Denver

– Ty was wearing a bikini. Yep, guy, bikini. Kinda doesn’t go together does it? The judges walked out on him and he was left to scratch himself in wonderment.

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