I realize this post has little or nothing to do with American Idol, but…

It’s been just about 48 hours now since the Grammy Awards show on Sunday night. It’s taken me that long to detox.

What in the name of Dean Martin was that all about?!

I mean, there were parts of that show that made Adam Lambert look like Perry Como.
I tuned in to a music awards show and cirque de soleil broke out!

I don’t really know when all this started. Liberace?

Elvis? Elton John?

Elton. Elton. Elton.

What was that all about with Lady GagMe?

Just in case you missed it, after singing Poker Face, GagMe was dragged from the stage, tossed into a rejection bin which caught fire and then she emerged covered in ashes.

Of course, Mr. John followed her lead and was soot-faced as he tickled the ivories.

Yes, I am showing my age. But I’m kinda proud to be from a generation that witnessed Motown, the British Invasion, surfing music, country, rock, folk and yes, even an occasional instrumental all at once.

Music for music’s sake is kinda nice. If you know what I mean.

As for Mr. Lambert. I shall answer his song title: What do you want from me?

Mr. Lambert all we want is to hear your considerable singing talent, please leave the ashes to others.