OK, we are about five hours from the debut of American Idol Season 9 so Idol Chatter thought you might want to read more of what judge Randy Jackson had to say last week in a wide-ranging conference call.

Here goes:

Q: Randy, after all these years of listening to these auditions the first few weeks, are you growing more inpatient with the contestants who obviously can’t sing but just want their 15 minutes?

Jackson: You know, that’s one of the best questions I’ve had in quite some time. And, yes, I am growing a little impatient with that because you know, look, you’ve watched the show. You know what the show is. You see every year somebody great wins the show, the top three or four or five or top ten people are all usually great singers and you just wonder what are they seeing that I’m not seeing? It’s like we’re not on the same page here, so, yes, I am getting a little impatient with that.


Q: How was it working with Victoria Beckham?

Jackson: It was cool. I gave her the nickname Lady V, so hopefully she goes out into the world and uses that, but it was cool. I think all the guest judges on the Idol auditions gave a different perspective because they’ve all been performers with different types of music and go on stage and record and everything. So she was actually really cool.


Q: Can you just talk a little, was there a particular city that stuck out for you as being just a real hot bed, gave out a lot of golden tickets or conversely one that was maybe was a little thin on the …?

Jackson: I have to tell you for me I thought Orlando was really strange, just in terms of the talent and who came out and what was going on there. I thought it was a little strange of a place, but I think Dallas was good. I think surprisingly Atlanta was actually really good. I’m just saying surprisingly because I know it’s the hometown of Ryan Seacrest, little dig, all fun and games. But I actually think probably Atlanta was one of the standouts for me, actually. Dallas was really strong as well, I felt.


Q: Who do you think we’ll be seeing more from in the future from that bunch?

Jackson: I don’t know. I think probably those four that I mentioned in some facet you’ll be seeing a lot from, Adam, Kris, Allison and Danny.


Q: It’s interesting, you;re only seeing a small sliver of the people who actually try out. Do you think the producers sometimes just mess with you guys by bringing in ten bad singers in a row just to drive you guys crazy?

Jackson: I often sit there sometimes and think somebody is playing a trick on me. Somebody is trying to drive me out of my mind.


Q: Let me ask you a question about someone like a Chris Daughtry, an Adam Lambert and a Carrie Underwood that really becomes a big household name. How early in the competition do you feel like you see them as being standout performers?

Jackson: I’d like to say honestly for me, I saw Adam day one the day he auditioned. I saw Kelly Clarkson day one the day she auditioned; Carrie Underwood, day one, the day she auditioned; Chris Daughtry day one. I think these people, I truly believe that stars are really born. I think they’re definitely cultivated and you can help them manifest into bigger and brighter stars, but I think those things are born. I think you know when you hear them that they have something special and some kind of unique persona.